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My Millarworld talent search contest results


Hey all,

I didn’t win the 2015 contest as a writer, but thanks to Mark Millar’s talent search to pair artists and writers together, I won the opportunity of meeting many talented artists. Soon, my team and I will have completed over ten short stories that will be used to pitch publishers creator-owned titles. Most of these titles were created as a direct result from meeting artists on this forum.

Because of Millarworld’s involvement in helping me make my dreams a reality, I am sharing all of these short stories for free for y’all to hopefully enjoy and spread the word: As of now, four are completed. The balance are at different stages of completion, but I am guestimating all should be posted on my website over the next three months. I also ask that if you see any potential in hiring the talented artists who took a leap of faith in working with me, that you consider contacting them.

Who knows if any of these shorts will become a published title, but a foundation has been laid and friendships forged. For this, I am eternally grateful to the Millarworld forum, so thank you.

PS If any others on this forum found a similar success to mine in regards to pairing up with writers or artists, please share.


Gary Mac


Congratulations Gary. One Day is really great, very nicely done and a neat idea. Hopefully you’ll find lots of success with the books.


Thank you very much Jim, and thank you for moderating all this. I’m happy One Day caught your eye. I have so much planned for it that I hope it does get picked up for publishing. The artist did a spectacular job. Cheers


That’s great Gary.
Well done!
I’ve met some wonderful artists on these boards and got a chance to work with them on some short stories and they have gone on to wonderful things…and left me behind! :tired_face:


Ha! Ya, the artists I’m working with are very talented and I can see them leaving me behind too.

Y’know, I want to work with other writers as well. Let’s form a budding relationship starting right now, Matt!


Sure, why not.
I’ve never paired up with another writer.
You do a word then I’ll do a word…it’ll be like that thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters theory.




Good luck!




And there goes the thread…


I’m surprised it lasted that long :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Frank Cho will draw that book!


He said he’ll only do the covers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good work, and impressive turnaround. I’ve been trawling through the artist submission thread myself and noting the work I like ahead of suggesting a few potential collaborations. Hope you don’t mind me asking - did you pay any of your artists? I’ve been working on the basis that it’s pretty much a given (at least for the pro/semi-pro standard I aspire to), but interested to know if it was a factor?


Hi Tom,

I did get some “favours” but invariably I did pay something along the road to create each short. If I got a favour, I believe the only reason I did was I have invested a lot of time and money already to show I’m serious and here for the long haul.




Hey Gary, this is awesome. I’m glad you guys all got to meet and collaborate.

Remember the Annual is an annual, it will be open for entries again later in the year - keep applying :smile:


Hi Rachael,

Thanks for the reminder, but I gotta be honest; I’m hoping I’ll be disqualified if I enter, because of getting some professional work beforehand! If not, and I have no personal projects cookin’, I will definitely enter again. Great experience, wonderful opportunity, and I got to meet other creators… how can any wannabe creator pass up an opportunity like this?!


Well that’s exactly the right attitude. Here’s to disqualification! Not sure I’ve ever wished that on anyone…(except maybe those ahead of me in a race at primary school…)


What’s funny, is last year I thought by just showing up I would win. After entering a script that I didn’t nearly edit well enough, I kept coming back to Millarworld excited to see what was going to happen. I was amazed at the talent and the community of artists the contest attracted. I can only imagine what you guys thought…


I joined the party a little later as I only landed in Millarworld in January, but I’ve had the pleasure of working with the talent chosen for the Annual since. I’ve been blown away by some of the artwork and writing that’s come out of the competition and look forward to the influx of new entries later in the year. The Annual itself is going to be incredible, I can’t wait to see it come July.

One thing I’d like to see more of is female artists and writers submitting. We have diverse racial and cultural backgrounds within the entrants but fewer laydeez than I would like. Mind you, I’m all about the girl power!