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My kids love to draw and paint


My daughter is 8 and my son is 13. They both love art. If you want to share your kids talents I would like to see them.

my son did this a couple days ago. my daughter painted this at school, two knights about to fight. we met ToNY Moore and he gave my son his pen that inked Ghost Rider. He came home and did this immediately.


That’s awesome!


Thanks man, they have good artist on both sides of the family. We always try to inspire them as much as possible.


They’re great.

My kids are younger but we still enjoy drawing a lot. I’ll have to see if I can dig out some of their latest stuff.


Your kids are pretty awesome.

That first pin up is really amazing, the pose & anatomy are very very good. And the colouring and composition in the knights picture is impressive.

My girl is now focusing in drawing circles, and my boy just painting abstract art in his diapers :sweat_smile:
So we are still many years away from posting something good :smile:

My warmest congratulations to your 2 big artists.


My son is doing circles as well, he started the lady with circles. Diaper art is the best :wink: