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My interview with David Icke - read it here!


Enjoy, conspiracy fans!



He’s an interesting fellow. I remember buying one of his books years ago and the person behind the counter sniggering with her coworker. I guess some people only think of that Wogan interview.


Fantastic interview. David Icke didn’t have the sensational impact here in the States as he did in his homeland, but the reports that did carry over here basically portrayed him as a nutbag. I’ve never bothered to look further into his theories, but now I’m intrigued.


I worked at a bookstore for quite a while. David Icke fans tended to be interesting. I’m sure there were people who just casual bought the books but those aren’t the ones you remember. :wink:


Icke predicted the Saville thing? I’d say that a broken watch is right twice a day, but given Icke was in the British media, what if he actually knew, and the depth and the horror of the Saville conspiracy caused him to snap and see conspiracies everywhere?


As he drops me off at the boat and gives me a copy of his new book, I’m left with the impression of a nice guy with an adoring family who left a BBC he despised in the hope of giving people a different information flow.

Very good overview and impression of the man. If he’s insane, he’s certainly one of the most centered and contented lunatic.

At heart that has been my impression as well going back to when Jon Ronson interviewed him for his book Them: Adventures with Extremists.

Beset by lizards

Host: “Why are Jewish groups calling you anti-Semitic?”

David: “Because I’m getting too close to the truth.”

Professor (laughing): “Don’t get into these convoluted paranoid fantasies that people are trying to shut you up . . .”

This was, under the circumstances, the wrong thing to say. David could be accused of many things, but fantasising that he was being censored was not one of them. David smiled a little, and then he went in for the kill.

David: “I have had three major interviews pulled this week. I’ve had book signings cancelled. You wanna read the papers a bit more, mate! There Are Lizards And There Are Lizards.”

The Professor faltered. Professor: “Well, uh, if you have nothing better to do than to insult me, then I’m sorry for your process of thought . . .”

But it was over. The professor had blown it. In the days that followed this TV debate, some of the coalition began privately admitting to me that the whole thing was beginning to backfire. David Icke’s fans were not, by and large, anti-Semites. It was more alarming than that. They were, in fact, the coalition’s core constituents - liberals and anti-racists and left-wingers concerned with the perils of global capitalism. These people were beginning to look upon the coalition as the villains, as the hidden hand, as “them”.


He’s got a lot of mileage out of claiming that he exposed Savile many years before his death (rather than ‘predicting’ it as such) but interestingly it seems like some of those claims might be a bit inflated. This investigation of the claim certainly suggests so:

The article is long, but here’s the gist of it:

If that’s accurate then the truth is more likely that Icke - like a lot of people who had worked in the entertainment industry during the '80s - had heard the rumours about Savile but didn’t have any hard evidence, and only spoke up about it after Savile was more widely exposed, following his death.


The way the Introduction to Mark’s interview was written gave the opposite impression, given that I’m not British and thus wasn’t exposed to the whole “Saville news cycle” (to the point that out of ignorance of the depth of his Molestation Ring, I posted this angry post over the extent that the British populace implements the Damnatio memoriae against him, that was backed up by similarly ignorant Americans.)


I haven’t read The Biggest Secret myself so I’m only comparing secondary sources. That article I linked to (and several other similar pieces) suggest that Icke never actually named Savile publicly before his death and subsequent exposure. But it may very well be that he was aware of the rumours about his behaviour long before that, and spoke about it to people in a more private context.


How many times has he predicted the end of the world by now?

His ideas seem very much like what you get with paranoid psychosis. I wish people would stop feeding his delusions, but then there will probably always be a market for the wacky conspiracies.


Remember what happened to the one-eyed man?


I just posted about him. He made a fortune predicting armageddon:


Icke seems to have stepped back from making concrete predictions to mostly the things that aren’t falsifiable, a hidden cabal, invisible demons controlling us, reality being a holographic projection etc. It must be scary as hell.


if Icke was putting all this in a comic book or novel, no one would criticize him this much. I mean, doesn’t Grant Morrison believe much the same? I know Phillip K Dick did.

Icke puts it in non-fiction and he gets fewer fans and more criticism.


I wonder how many people in this thread have actually read one of Icke’s books :slight_smile:




Actually got it at my local library.


He’s someone who alot of people form an opinion of based on the Wogan interview and tabloid sniggering.


Still haven’t read that one. The biggest Secret was my first!


Haven’t read any of his books I admit, it would probably irk me to no end.


I always enjoy them. His online chats are very interesting too, in google videos. He’s a unique character and a very nice fellow.