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My horror comic free to read (feedback welcome).


To everyone,

I discovered this forum through the Millarworld Annual contest (which I did not “win”) and I see that it could be a great resource for creating awareness about the projects I do and for getting critical feedback. The last bit is just as important as the first because I really don’t have anyone in my personal life who can give that to me.

To that end, I would like to offer up a comic called six:eight that I completed last year with artist Allen Byrns. I put the entire issue up free as a webcomic here:

Update #1: Thanks to Cagesafe below for letting me know that, if you want to read the comic for free on Tapastic, you will have to register at the site. This is apparently because the book is rated “Mature”. I was not aware of that requirement so I apologize for not mentioning that previously.

It’s in greyscale and at a lower resolution but the whole thing is there for anyone to read and critique. Also, a full-color, HD version is available for sale on Comixology for just $0.99 if you would like to offer your support.

Update #2: Here’s the Comixology direct link if anyone is interested…

It’s a 32-page, adults-only, psychological horror story about a random act of violence that has supernatural consequences. It’s a self-contained story but also a prologue for a much bigger tale that would unfold in subsequent mini-series. (Chapter two has already been written).

Anyway… have at it, boys and girls.


I swung by here before and followed the link. When I got there, I needed to create an account due to the NSFW tag. I just moved on without reading, as I don’t like having to create accounts for sites I don’t know. You might get more traction if you set us up in the pitch above about the site, and the need to create an account.

Anyway, surfing this forum again, I saw this post for the horror comic again - and this time, remembered your entry in “The Write Off.” So, I actually created the account to read it this time. I’m glad I did. Nice work! I did get a little confused on what was going on between pages 22 - 26, specifically the introduction of the floating mask I mean, I was able to do the math after the fact, but I think that should have been a touch clearer… but we are on board enough… at least, I was on board enough… where, when I finished the comic and didn’t get it, I went back and re-read it to figure out where I missed something. It was between pages 22-26 that I missed info.

Thanks for the good read!


Thanks for taking the time (and making the effort) to give it a read and offer your critique. I did not know that it was necessary to sign-up to that website just to read the comics. Obviously, that sucks because most people will just turn away as soon as they see that.

Unfortunately, I do not know where else to put the comic so that people can read it for free. I’m not able to put together my own website at the moment so I have to use other websites to host it and that Tapastic site seemed like the best one.


The book was an experiment of sorts. I knew that readers would probably be confused on their first time through but I was hoping it would be interesting enough to inspire a second or third reading to pick up the finer details and get a complete understanding.

I didn’t want to use captions, internal monologues or anything else that might hold the readers’ hands, so to speak. The idea was that the readers’ confusion would serve as another layer of the narrative’s psychological terror/horror. Obviously, it’s a fine line between that and confusing the readers to the point where they just give up on the story.

But that’s OK with me. I just thought it would be an interesting thing to try.

Thanks again for reading it and telling me what you think about it. I sincerely appreciate it.


No problem! And you don’t have to sign up to read the rest of the comics on the site. Only comics deemed NSFW.


To anyone that might be interested in reading the book but doesn’t want to sign up to that Tapastic site, I’ve put a preview copy of it on my Onedrive folder.

This is a low-rez version but you read the whole thing and do not have to sign up for anything. It should open for you as long as you have a PDF reader.

Again, this book is for Mature readers only. And any feedback is welcome.