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My Hit-Girl Costume


When I first saw Kick-Ass, I was instantly enamored with Hit-Girl and just knew I had to do this costume. I’ve never felt so passionate about a costume in my going on 10 years of cosplaying. I used my admiration for the character as a drive to push the costume as far as I could in accuracy: sourcing accurate pieces and materials to make it look as authentic as possible.

In the end this was a labor of love that spanned 4 years. It took me that long to piece everything together and to get it looking the way I always envisioned it. While I endured a lot of frustration, headaches, and set-backs along the way, the overwhelmingly positive responses I’ve received from fellow fans and now Mark Millar himself has me feeling absolutely no doubt in my mind that all the tough times were worth it. (And yes, the costume is just as warm to wear as you’re imagining it is.)

Enough of me rambling, here’s some specs on the costume!
“Ok you c*nts… let’s see what you can do now.”

Tac Gear: “Tool up honey bunny!”

Hey if you’re going to be Hit-Girl, you gotta pay close attention to that weaponry!

  • 2 Bianchi UM84 holsters (same model as movie)
  • Smith & Wesson knife sheath (same model as movie)
  • Bianchi duty belt
  • Belt keepers
  • “Smoke grenade” with movie-accurate font.
  • Duty suspenders
  • 2 plastic knuckle dusters (functional)


(The knife sheath was NOT taped down in these photos but as since been attached.)


  • 1 HK USP compact airsoft look-alike with light system
  • 1 SIG-Sauer P232 airsoft look-alike



  • Replica Benchmade 42.
  • Blade is dulled so I can take it to conventions and not slice my fingers off.

(Blade is not dulled in photo.)

Mindy Stick:

  • Plywood, PVC pipe, spray paint.
  • Paracord wrapped as seen in the film.
  • Length is as tall as I am (about 5’4’’), just as hers is as tall as she is.
  • Can be pulled apart and put together as in the movie. Can also be clipped in front too so I can carry it on my back.

(Photos coming soon!!)


  • Authentic military combat boots.
  • Steel toe.


My kilt is an authentic 100% wool Scottish-made kilt in the Drummond Grey tartan that I dyed purple. Just as they did for Hit-Girl’s kilt in the movie. Fun fact: the tartan is actually Matthew Vaughn’s family tartan!

Note: Most of my costume photos were taken before I updated the kilt.


Special thanks:

  • Charna, my official Costume Consultant, for being such an amazing help overall and for putting up with my endless questions and concerns on how to make things work. Made my first kilt, kept me sane, and helped me figure out the cape attachment.

  • Sees, for being my official Wig Beautifier, and for being the only person capable of taming the impossible snaps on my belt. (That last one’s a real bitch.)

  • JailBreak/Jason DeSomer Photography for some amazing photos. (Website)

  • Fearless Photoworks for some amazing photos as well! (Website)

  • RPF forum member replicaprops for helping me find an awesome Benchmade 42 replica!

  • The RPF (Replica Prop Forum) for helping me with some of the details, and for pushing me to
    do my best! Thank you!

  • A heartfelt thank you to Mark Millar and Chloe Grace Moretz for bringing this incredible character to life.

Costume Photos:

(^ You can see the new kilt here.)

(New kilt and paracord-wrapped Mindy Stick. Photography by Lumonic Photography.)

Show’s over motherfuckers!

My cosplay page: HyperShadow Cosplay


Here’s the costume as featured in the last issue of Chrononauts in the Forum Talk section! Needless to say it’s a huge honor to be included in a Mark Millar comic. Freaked out pretty bad when I was contacted (not by the mayor’s office)!

Millarworld Launches International Cosplay Contest!

That’s amazing attention to detail. It took for four years? Seriously, four years? I’m really impressed with your dedication.


That is very cool, Shadow. I don’t think we’ve had that kind of in-depth costume breakdown on Millarworld before. I’m an engineer by trade. So I’m always interested in seeing how things come together (I could watch How It’s Made for days). Thank you for taking the time to post this.


Shadow, those are really cool…and just a little bit terrifying :wink:


The best HG costume I’ve ever seen,(besides Chloe’s :wink: ) your costume is what pushed us to move beyond purple sweatpants! Congrats on the Millarworld pics.


That is truly fantastic. Great job!



I was thinking a few weeks ago about trying to put together a movie Dredd outfit and messaged a few UK costumers and joined a few Facebook group but the sheer amount of time and work that the project would have involved scared me off. I applaud the effort you’ve put into this, it has really paid off. That’s one bad ass outfit!


The project spanned 4 years. There was a lot of waiting for things to come together in both creation and simply sourcing the right things. The first bodysuit that was custom-made ended up being a bust, so that set-back ended up putting me in the waiting game for 2 years. I had to push it back until I could again put the research and funds into getting the suit remade. I know 4 years sounds like a long time for something like this, but when you can’t always dedicate the time and finances a project like this needs, the time goes by depressingly quickly. In the end it all came together though!

Thank you so much! After spending so much time on the RPF, they kinda inspired me to break everything down and document the specs on everything. You never know if it might help anybody else! I’m glad you enjoyed the breakdown, and I appreciate your kind words!

Hahahaha!! If you’re at least a little bit terrified, it just means I did a good job! :wink: As you can imagine, with the full tac gear on I’m an absolute nightmare for peacebonding at conventions.

Awwwww, BD you’re so incredibly kind to me. I’ve appreciated your support so much, and I’m beyond honored to have inspired you to put together such an excellent Hit-Girl costume for your daughter. She does such a fantastic job. Your entire family does! Your Big Daddy build thread on the RPF really inspired me to put the effort into pushing the limits!

Thank you so much!!

I completely understand that feeling. Truly. I don’t think I fully comprehended the sheer amount of work putting together Hit-Girl would be until I had thrown myself head-first into the project. There was just so little information out there for the costume, so I really had to dig deep for sourcing the right things. On the flip side something like Dredd has such a wealth of costuming information available for it (but that doesn’t necessarily make things any easier to put together, especially financially), that it can definitely be overwhelming and can be a bit of a turn-off as you’ve experienced. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I do hope that if you really want to put that costume together, you’re able to overcome that fear! If something is a passion project, you’ll find a way no matter what.


Great! So happy you were featured in the Editorial and thank you for putting in such a dedicated effort! What an amazing Cosplay you’ve created :slight_smile:


Very late reply here, but thank you so much Blake!! I’m so honored to have been included, very much so a dream come true! Thank you so much for reaching out to me, truly meant a lot! :smile:


I brought Hit-Girl out to play for a local charity event with the cosplay volunteer group I’m a part of: the Portland Superhero Coalition.

That’s all the context you’ll get with this photo:


That’s awesome! I wish there was a group near us that did charity events for cosplayers.
P.S. That Antman costume rocks!


Apologies for the late reply BD! Hope you and your Hit-Girl are doing well! :slight_smile:

I have a ton of fun being a member! Great group of people. Truly.


Finally got some new photos of the costume! :smile:


Got another for you guys! Mindy stick!


Great pictures HyperShadow, I really like the cityscape in the background and your photographer does a fantastic job. :sunglasses: :thumbsup: Ever have any trouble with LE while doing photos? We’ve had a few chats with curious officers when we were in costume but in a small community I know most of them. We’re moving to Seattle in April so I’m looking forward to doing some photos and filming in a city, and hopefully finding some other cosplayers to hangout with. The fake guns make me a bit nervous in an urban environment.


Doesn’t Seattle have actual crime fighting costumed heroes?


I believe so, though I would have to replace my armor with something stronger than Rubbermaid to get involved in that! :wink:


Thank you so much BD!! :smiley: I’m always very cautious about the prop guns as well. When they’re in the holsters they might as well be real to anybody else. Always have to be mindful of that. For these photos my photographer and I just stepped outside during an event my cosplay group and I were helping out at. Literally just out the back door and about 50 feet away. I’ve always been already at an event/convention when getting photos done with the full tac gear.

You guys are coming to join me in the Northwest?! YEEEESSSSSSS!!! We absolutely must meet up sometime, I’m in Oregon! I sense a Kick-Ass party coming on!


I usually don’t do side-by-side cosplay comparisons, but in this case I was curious. I’m definitely very proud of this costume. It took years to get there (and there’s still things I want to tweak on it), but that costume on the left is what I dreamed of having after I got goosebumps as the credits rolled the first time I watched that movie.

6 years later and still kicking ass. :sparkling_heart: