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My Havok theory

I know that Disney bought Fox so who knows what’s going on with the X films but here’s my thoughts on Havoks death in X-men: Apocalypse. Havok didn’t die. It was kind of odd to have a character inadvertently kill himself with out anyone really being too upset about it. Especially his brother.
Here’s what happened. At the moment of the explosion, Havok was abducted by the Starjammers (instead of or by their dad). For whatever reason you want to say, Apocalypse revival gave off a power spike that they went to check out, the Starjammers were monitoring Earth. Noticing all these beings with powers on Earth, the Starjammers were cloaked & above the X-mansion (cause that was the biggest collection of mutants) when the explosion goes off. They decide to rescue the X-Men but only saved Havok before they see Quicksiver save the rest.
Not wanting to reveal themselves, & Havok needed time to heal cause he did get some damage from the blast, they left the area before anyone could realize they were there.
This could lead into the Dark Phoenix movie. The Starjammers could either help the X-Men from the shadows or make the big reveal with a daring rescue. He’ll if they really want to, they can have Havok die saving the X-Men. At least his death would have meaning.


Interesting theory but I think once the deal goes through, the X-Men will be completely rebooted.


Unfortunately given fox’s Track record (I.e. last stand) this is extremely unlikely.
However till its proved otherwise we can say absolutely no problem he’s alive!

But £50 says Starjammers won’t be in Dark Phoenix

But yeah come phase 4/5 of the MCU the x-men will just be introduced as if they have always been there and pretty much ignore fox continuity in favour for a logical more palatable story line

You know I am just not hyped one bit for Dark Phoenix after the cluster #*$€ that was Apocalypse.
Turning a proper Super Villian into a one note ivan ooze special effect just left a bad taste in my mouth.
I have waaaay to much hope riding on Deadpool 2 and Cables appearance.

If the screw my boy Nate up heads will roll!!! ( of the little voodoo figurines I make of the producers)