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My graphic novel is now for pre-order at Amazon!

Hey everyone!

My Kickstarted graphic novel The Murder Club is now available to pre-order at Amazon! It’s due for release 19th August.

Amazon UK
Amazon US

It will also be on DriveThruComics, ComixCentral and the ComicHaus app (when it launches). It’s also been accepted for ComiXology submit, although thanks to their opaque process I will have no idea when it will go live - might be tomorrow, might be next month, who knows, what fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks to those of you who supported the KS campaign (you should have a link to the digital version in your inbox already), and I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes.


Lisa, a student preparing for her A-levels is recruited by fellow student Tom, who wants to see if they can use their combined intelligence to frame someone for murder.
But is she working with him, or being manipulated into a situation that even she can’t figure her way out of?


Congratulations, Tony. Yep, the email arrived yesterday, but all my spare time is tied up with my artist who started work on Sakura #1 this week. As soon as I’m clear, I’ll dive in. :+1:

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Thanks Drew.
And I’m so glad you found an artist for your project! Can’t wait to see/hear more - it sounded fascinating :slight_smile:

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