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My first review! - Impossible Tales Volume 1 in Comic Heroes Magazine!


I am very pleased to have received such a glowing review for Impossible Tales Volume 1: Space in this quarters copy of Comic Heroes magazine. Thanks again to @13_aivan, @Philthepage, @dfjalarsson and Isabel Martin for their wonderful art.

Copies are still avaliable here: I will be putting it on Amazon Kindle and Comixology soon.

Keep an eye out later this year for Impossible Tales Volume 2: The 80s. Which will feature an exosuit wearing Margaret Thatcher!

Note - I originally posted this in the Impossible Tales thread but thought it was worth it’s own!


That’s amazing Stuart! Congrats!








Thanks all. I’m very pleased. After the mixed reaction at Thought Bubble my confidence took a knock. So this has been great at boosting my motivation. Just wish I’d known it was coming so I could have got my website prepared.


Congratulations Stuart!!! Working with you was a pleasure, keep up the good work!


Thanks mate. Likewise. Your cover really made the comic what it is.

How are things going on Freelancers? Let me know when it’s out! (And you are possibly free for further collaborations ;-))


Congratulations Stuart. Well deserved :grinning:


That’s brilliant Stuart. I am so pleased for you.


You’re doing just fine, Stuart. Your confidence should be strong.


Congrats man.


You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Think how the likes of Kirkman and Millar who are super successful have a legion of critics saying they don’t like their stuff.

Now if nobody likes it you’ll be in big trouble (:smile:) but worth remembering a mixed response is about as good as you’ll ever get even if you’re a millionaire off the back of your work.


Thanks @garjones. You are right. I think being an anthology it’s also harder to keep everyone happy as they might not like all of the stories. Going forward I will appreciate those people that like my work and see what I can learn from any criticism.


Thanks @DrewEricsson, @SimonJones, @Tony_Laplume, @Mercutio.

This forum and the people on here have been a big help and source of inspiration.


… and that’s returned many times over thanks to you and @mattgarvey1981 getting out there and doing it :clap:


Thanks. That’s kind coming from the winner of the 2000ad Thought Bubble pitch. How is that going?

And it’s nice to be compared with @mattgarvey1981. He’s definitely the one to watch.


Only because I’m most likely to push a loved one down the stairs for the insurance money…


Congratulations, Stuart!


The script was sent to the 2000AD art comp winner, Tilen Javornik, early December. I’m not sure if I’ll hear anything before it’s published. I’m not convinced I’ll get any more work there; they’re simply fulfilling their competition prize promise. I’ve sent a Time Twister through the normal submissions route (some weeks ago), but I’ve heard nothing back yet :pensive:

I was dreaming that I’d get half a dozen progs in quick succession like 2015 winner Rory McConville, but when I looked into it a bit more, Rory, like all the other previous winners had a substantial comic-writing history. I think I might be the first winner who hadn’t previously written a comic script :astonished:

Anyway, I’d better crack on with the script for my 24-page #1 issue of what will be my first self-pub comic. Long way to go yet :slight_smile: