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My First comic Monday Morning is now live!


Hey guys just officially finished my first comic and wanted to share it with you all since this such a passionate and supportive community. You can read it here:
Script by me with art by the amazing Anastasia Troitskaya.


I really liked it.
The artwork, the story, the characters.
Just one thing…
This panel:

Really difficult to read the first time around. Don’t know if that speech bubble placement is intentional but it didn’t make reading the dialogue easy. Other than that… Totally cool. Looking forward to more.


Very moody, I liked that :smiley:
With very little dialogue you managed to convey how
sad Paul’s life was, and the atmosphere that Anastasia
created was palpable.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I noticed some overlapping
of the dialogue when Paul and Beth are talking inside the coffee shop.
I think you guys should have “cascaded” the dialogue a little more, so that
is clear who is talking first. I kinda read all of Beth’s dialogue before realizing
that they were doing some “back and forth”.

Other than that, great work guys! Looking forward to seeing more from you.


This is actually pretty good. I like the idea of both of them having bad luck and that’s what connects them. And the dialogue bubbles in the restaurant did kind of confuse me a little. But overall, this is really good work. Keep it up. :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words! Yeah very valid point re-lettering. Admittedly the lettering was kind of a weird makeshift job where the artist did the speech bubbles and I put in the actual text so as a result it doesn’t always read as clearly as I would have liked. Hoping to eventually be in a financial position to get the comic professionally coloured and lettered.