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My custom Funko Pops! & stuff


I made from blank DIY pops. Pretty fun to make & I think they came out pretty good. More to come!
Lady Death.


Evil Ernie


The Maxx & Mr. Gone


I’m not sure who either of those are, but the one on the left looks like Thanos.


Serious? Maybe it was before or after your time in comics. It came out in the 90’s. It even had a cartoon on Mtv & at the time was considered one of the most faithful adaptations of a comic.




Don’t wanna make one for me Marvel?downloadfile


Dude that’s fantastic! How’d you make it?


Scrap wood, foam sheets, & a lathe


A friend of mine cosplays as Gamora but her sword was a little off so I made this one. First time making a sword. I think it came out okay.