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Hey Millarworld community! I wanted to start a thread to shamelessly pimp my wares and introduce myself. I’m a professional graphic designer working in the tech and publishing industries. I’ve done a lot of work with making of art books for properties such as Krampus, Terminator, Ghostbusters, Halo 5, Marvel and DC etc for various publishers. I’ve also been doing a lot of design work with indie comic creators on kickstarter based projects and indie publishers. My website is at:

In terms of comics, i’m pursuing writing primarily. I have an art background, but my skills are limited. As a writer my biggest hurdle as been getting collaborations going, so i’ve drawn/lettered/colored more of my own work than I would have liked. 2016 I want to have more collaborations working towards a one shot or mini series with a great creative partner. Feel free to leave feedback, observations or drop me a note! Thanks for looking!

My comics!

  1. The Default Trigger: a 52 page digital graphic novel I wrote, drew and self published. Its a sci-fi noir about student loan debt conspiracies. I got some good press on Boing Boing, The Beat and on some podcasts. A great learning experience, but it was a lot of work.

Default Trigger on Gumroad. $0 for the whole story

  1. “Prepped” was short story collaboration with Shawn Daley on art and Lesley Atlansky on color. Its an 8 pg story set in a bunker after something awful happens in the world, and two men coming to terms with it.

  2. “Ascending” is a one-shot I wrote and drew about a mysterious visitor at the Albuquerque Balloon fiesta. This project came out of frustration at having a few false starts with collaborators and just wanting to get a story finished and out there.

  3. “T or C” a collaboration with artist Devin Kraft, is a supernatural western exploring how an odd little town in New Mexico may have actually gotten its name. This was my first attempt at lettering and coloring someone else’s art!

  4. “Ex Libris” was a webcomic that I ran for about 6 months and my first real attempt at comics. It was designed and drawn to print specs and posted online hoping to self publish later. I did all the writing and art on it, mostly in the computer, and it was a great learning experience. The story follows the adventures of a teenager who finds an ancient spirit inside of an old book, and together they fight an evil taking over their futuristic mega city. I got through the first chapter (need to post that all online again), but couldn’t keep up with the grind of publishing and maintaining a webcomic. I’m using some of these characters in my current writing project though.


First off you’re selling yourself short on saying you’re “limited” artistically.

I’ve seen people with much fewer tools make perfectly valid comics.

That said do I think your style leads itself to being the penciller for say the Avengers or Batman, no probably not.

But there are way more types of comics out there that are just a valid as anything the big two produce.

Design/composition/leading the eye can get you pretty far with storytelling. Personally I’d rather read a well composed story using stick figures than one of over rendered splash pages that don’t tell the story.

(On the time consuming side of things, I can’t offer any help. My own pages feel like they take me forever as well)


Just read “Prepped.” Nice work! Great job with the characters. The colors are great. Very effective overhead shot of the guy sitting in the chair, with the red streak running across the room. Very visceral. Last few pages also very funny in a sick way.


@WarrenB hey thanks! Yeah my sensibilities venture more towards the more mainstream indie side anyways, and some of my faves are people like Mignola, Lemire, Kindt etc etc.

The one thing as a designer i’ve been trained with how to work in sequence which has helped me a lot with my visual storytelling, so I try to push that as much as I can. A play to your strengths and embrace your weaknesses kinda deal.

@Cagesafe Thanks! that was a lot of fun to work on, and Shawn the artist and Lesley the colorist really brought SOOOOO much to it. Really made some awesome creative choices to push it forward. BTW…i need to message you back. Completely forgot with the holidays and getting used to to how the forum works!


Hey, no worries. I am new on here as well. I had to go back to my messages to see what you were referring to.


I’ve just looked at the strips you’ve drawn and think you do yourself a disservice with that comment. Sure, your art isn’t the most polished I’ve ever seen but but there’s a lot of heart in them. I really like the double splashes in the ballooning story Ascending. The colouring choices made are really good too - a limited pallets of a couple of colours is always effective when used efficiently (which is the case in the pages I’ve seen).


hey thanks Bruce! Heart is good. Back in art/design school we’d say “it feels honest”. haha But i know what you mean. I go for what i know i can do and push forward. I’ve got a new comic i’m finishing up that i’ll be sure to post but my skills have come much further than some of my earlier things like ascending. Learn by doing!

I think my graphic design experience helps out with stuff like color and overall design/sequence related things. But really, drawing and lettering my own work has taught me A TON about writing for comics. I’ve had to rewrite entire scripts halfway through once i got into composing the page and noted i had too much stuff or not enough or whatever else. Lettering it myself taught me how to deal with too much dialog or too many balloons and so on. That’s the main reason I try to do my own stuff besides getting it all out there and producing stories. I’ve felt that i’ve learned the process quicker by trying to do it all. Hopefully this will set me up better for future collaborations.


As someone who uses Chris’ skills I can vouch that he is a top end talent!


I’m new to the boards and I"m trying to get a feel for things. Do you think it would be better to post some images from those comics in this thread instead of just links? Kinda curious what works for the community culture here. Thanks!


I would post images (a couple pages) - that’s usually the norm on here and it grabs folks attention. I’d make sure to post links to the full book too though.


Great work, @cmyk! Although the gouache painting style of “Prepped” definitely is something to look at, I enjoyed the somewhat simpler, yet striking art of “Ascending”. Beautifully chosen contrasts that tell a lot of the tale.

Please don’t label your skills as “limited” to people you don’t show your artwork to or they might actually believe you. I love your style. It’s unique and warm at the same time. It really adds a lot to the story and each individual aesthetic seems to work for that particular comic.

Ascending” got me especially hooked on your artwork and I headed over to your website for more, where I stumbled upon “The Default Trigger”, another little gem.

You mentioned you were more keen on writing than illustrating. That’s a darn shame, since your artwork really seems to compliment your stories quite well. I could definitely see your style work for sub-genres like Western mysteries, neo-noir or horror.

One technique I like particularly well is your high contrast drawing. Perhaps something you could do to add even more to the effect would be to dim the lighter tones and add emphasis to the darker hues. Perhaps you could also blur the contours for the lighter tones. IMHO, this would make the drawing pop out of the page and also add a dash of mystique, which would work splendidly for the genre described above.

Thanks for sharing! And good luck!


Thanks for your kind words! My natural artistic humility might be selling myself short. Thanks for those tips. Looking back at DT, i do agree the mid tones are a little dark. I did them all digitally, but i’m working on a newer one shot that’s being colored by hand and i’m trying a much lighter grey tone. I’ll be sure to post that here when i’m done with it, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Well I do enjoy drawing my own work to a point. Its very time consuming but its something I want to keep doing while also trying to collaborate more. I thin i’ll always have an urge to draw my own stories though. A huge comics hero of mine is Jeff Lemire because he’s able to play in both worlds so well.