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Hey Lovely People,
I am so EXCITED!! I have had my art in a COMIC BOOK for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!
And what a comic to have your art in Ody-C #9 by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward!!
It is a PINUP of Odyssia herself in the back!! Please pick it up and sell out EVERY copy!!!
Thank you for all the MILLARWORLD support!! You are an incredible community!!
And I hope my next appearance in a comic is a MillarWorld one for @Mark_Millar!!!


Hey, congratulations!! That’s really great! It’s always a thrill when someone from these boards has success in the comics field. Cheers!


Yeah, great to hear that. Good to see people genuinely happy to get work in the greatest industry in the world. Best wishes DizeVez!


Thank you so much!!:heart_eyes:


Congratulations! What a great start to 2016!


Oh shit in a Matt Fraction comic? CONGRATS!




That’s terrific news. I haven’t been reading Ody-C but will check that out. Congratulations.


I know!!!


It is great - issue 9 especially :wink: