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MY BOOK! The #1 free sci-fi novel on Amazon right now.


I wrote a book. Running a limited time promotion, and it’s the #1 ranked sci-fi book on Amazon right now (#3 overall). If you like sci-fi, superheroes, face punching and swearing, you’ll like it.

More people are downloading this than erotica right now. You read that correctly: it’s being downloaded MORE THAN FREE PORN. By definition it HAS to be good.

Go download it for free and read it. Or don’t. It’s free, what do you care? Just get it.


So as I understand it, Blake, you’re giving away free porn?


Wow, congratulations Blake!!


Where can I get this porN?


Yay, I just downloaded Blake’s free porn!


Nice! Hope you enjoy.


Sci-fi- Check
Superheroes- Check.
Swearing - Check
Face punching- I’m a fan of watching other people being punched in the face. Not so much with the being punched myself or punching other people. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences that way. So, yeah I like face punching in the way that some massively out of shape people follow the football.

In any case, thank you for the head’s up @BlakeNorthcott. I shall look forward to reading it. I assume that you are not averse to anyone leaving a review on Amazon if we like it.


Sounds good. I downloaded it. May take a while for me to get to reading it, but I definitely will. Cheers for the free download, Blake, and congratulations on the novel!


@SimonJones - YES PLEASE. Reviews are SUPER helpful and very welcome. :slight_smile: Hope you like it! xxx


Nice! Thank you Christian xxx


Sounds cool and I can’t lose with the price, so it’s been downloaded. Hopefully I will find time for reading soon.


My review:

Surprisingly wordy for Porn, and, in a bold artistic choice: relatively free of images.

Refreshingly different.


Congratulations Blake! You must be very excited!


I am trying to read the book but Amazon doesn’t seem to want me to, and I’m not going to buy a Kindle. Sorry :frowning:

Edit: I take it back. The book actually does open in a browser.

The question now is, will it still open when I’m off-line? If so, I’ll read it on the train this weekend.


Thanks Blake, already downloaded while making a coffee in work (isn’t living in the future is awesome.) Looking forward to getting stuck into this.


If you have a smartphone or tablet there’s a Kindle app on Android which is free. You can download it there.


That’s handy. Thanks.


You guys are awesome! Hope you like it. <3


Okay, okay - I bought it. Typical amazon! Also got First Lensman in E.E. “Doc” Smith’s Chronicles of the Lensmen. I got it. First one is $1.99! Want to read volumes 3-5 when things get really exciting? $7.99. Each.

And you’re just pulling us along the same garden path. Ah, young padawan, you learn well from Master Millar. Three issues and slam 'em with a double-size!

Looking forwards to reading, Blake. Commentary sometime in the future!