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My artwork (critique welcome)


Hey guys just wanted to get an opinion of some of the more recent art I have done. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.


I mean, to my mind, it just looks fucking amazing. That first image in particular. A couple of wonky anatomy issues in the supergirl story, but that could have been a stylistic choice (when we first meet the villain, for instance, she looks slender in those first three panels, but two panels later her stomach seems to protrude very far from her back. That seems to be true when she crashes into the wall as well). I’m no artist so I’m really just stunned by your ability. You have a style that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and the detail and glory in that first image is just stunning. Wish I could help more with suggestions but I just really like it. I mean, what’s going on in the chest of that villain? Is that a supernova of his heart? Placing your small figure in the foreground also gives him some grandeur despite his size. It’s just compositionally and conceptually very interesting. Love it.


Thank you so much for the compliments. I was having a rough day and that cheered me up thank you. Anyway in the first picture I was trying to show the one character basically punching a hole through the other. Also thanks for the anatomy critique I am trying to improve on it.


You’re welcome, man; isn’t it nice when that happens? When things are going bad and out of the blue someone just says something nice? It’s rare but it makes it all the better. I will say that I didn’t understand that the smaller figure was punching a whole in the giant’s chest; as a layman, I’d suggest some kind of streak or visually-depicted force emanating from the golden character’s fist and ending at the villain’s chest. Would that work? Just something to visually connect the cause and effect. Anyway, I’m glad I could be of help to your work and to your day :smile:


Glad you posted!
What is the medium used for these works?


For the comics pencil first then digital inking and coloring in photoshop.


Non artist here, just chipping in. I really like the first page of the Supergirl sequencials - the dancing with the headphones. That really stuck in my memory and I remember it from the annual submissions thread. I like the fact you’re really pushing for a sense of movement in your panels too though there are times it doesn’t always work - the finger flick to the forehead is a good idea but it doesn’t flow and it seems very stop-start to me. The sloped panel borders look good when used efficiently (punching and direction flowing into the apex of the panel is a good example of it) but I would use it sparingly as having every page split up like that can hurt the flow of storytelling.


Thank you that is very good advice. I’ll definitely use the sloped panels more sparingly.


Hey I’m an artist working on a comic at the moment if you want here’s some tips:

  • You need to work on your buildings and street level designs, the perspective is way off on them.
    *Your inks seem really bare and sketchy.
    *Your proportions aren’t too bad, but you still need to work on them.
    *Page 3 also shows that you need to work on facial structure(Panel 3).
    *Coloring seems really blotchy yet isn’t too bad.
    *Page 4’s last panel definitely has a problem with building perspective, especially on the right.

You seem to be going on the right path, but you need to start studying buildings in actual perspective, go on google and look up a bunch of city views and study how it all connects. Pinterest is also great with examples, get an account on there.

Definitely study anatomy of real people, look up reference pictures of Woman(also men) of all sizes and body types, skinny, fat, slim, and a bit of muscle.

Also try and study coloring tutorials.
If you want, I can send you an email with a ton of reference folders I already have, just PM me and I will email a zip file of the reference i already have.