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My Art Dump


New here. Just wanted to pop this thread up there while I browse around and make myself at home.

I’ll update it as new things come. I also make a webcomic called Daring Adventures. A tribute to retro scifi space operas like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Space Ghost, TOS Star Trek and such. I loved cheesy, low budget sci fi as a kid. Sparklers shooting out of rocket ships on strings, wobbly sets and big hair.

It’s an ongoing series begun in June 2014, currently at 180pgs. Currently on hiatus while I rebuild the buffer of pages I lost over the past month of holiday run-arounds, but generally updates every Tuesday & Thursday.

Here’s some random arts. Feel free to critique anything I post. I’m always looking to grow and improve.

Artists tools, tricks and tips

The Annual Submission contest is what originally brought me here. First time I’ve ever done a talent search. They’re a lot more intense than I’d imagined, even when you don’t make it

Here are the pages I entered.


I really enjoy the art in general. It looks, to me at least, like a Humberto Ramos influenced art style, just because of the way you draw your body types and expressions. Overall it’s really impressive, I’m definitely going to check out your webcomic. Keep updating this, I’d really like to see other stuff you do!


Looking good man! Your submission was one of the ones I enjoyed in the Annual Thread.


I’m going to add that I think a lot about Paul Pope with this last pages. Lot of work at them, right? That greyscale is reaaaaaally impressive!


Thanks all.

Ramos and Pope are definitely on the list of artists whose work I admire.


Awesome stuff, fella :wink:


I think you should draw my chrononauts story, so we can show these judges what they missed! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yay Matt passed the creative dating conundrum and publicly asked the artist out. :wink:

I agree that Donal’s artistic style would suit a dynamic concept like Chrononauts.


Is this like me getting to first base?!
I just hope Donal has some lead in his pencil! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just keep your fun-sized Mars Bar to yourself.


I gotta learn to Share, apparently :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sharing is caring, Matt.


Tell that to the sexual transmitted diseases clinic :wink:


really good art! I love it.


Did this one as a warm up today, since I’m mostly doing page clean up on someone else’s work.

It’s Cameron Stewart’s character, Niro. I love the hell out of this dude’s design. I tried to incorporate the scratchiness of his style into mine for this piece, but I don’t think it worked well. I’ll stick to my normal lines. LOL


Nice, great pose.


Just a warm-up? Damn.

Personally, I think the scratchy textures work quite well! Reminds me a bit of Tradd Moore.


I like to do a 30min warm up before I start tackling work. Even if it takes me a couple days to finish the pic, I stick to 30.

I knew that last one, of Niro, wasn’t going to take long because it’s mostly black, took about 45min. The gun axe was the most time consuming part. LOL


My favorite scene in any comic, or anime ever is from One Punch Man.

Also, felt like drawing Jake Parker’s Skull Chaser. I love this dude’s design. Although, I went a little crazy on the smoke rendering, trying to find a new way of drawing it. I also said “F it” and drew the suit my way.