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My Art and Colorist Work To Share For You Guys.


Millarworld has been a very generous place to be with, everyone’s very accepting and it’s been fun knowing that. In the beginning I said in my introduction post’s that I would share my art, it’s been awhile but I brewed up some color pieces. Inked art is on the way!(Scanner is terrible). I’d thought I should share with you guy’s since some where interested.


My first attempt at coloring, Superman turned out well, Batman could have been better. Put a old worlds finest comic in the background to fill white space. It’s a Darwyn cook drawing. Jesus this was made a month or so ago at least.


This was a Chris Samnee piece, I colored it a week or so ago. The sun could have been better, but it turned out well.


This badboy…or girl was just finished this night. It’s my favorite colored piece yet, Dave Johnson’s Scarlet Witch, finished in a few hours. I really enjoyed this one. This is the best colorist work I’ve done yet.



Lovely stuff.
I really like the Supes, looks fantastic.


Thank you, that was my first time trying to color professionally, My most proud piece is the Scarlet Witch.


Great stuff, Daniel. I’m always a sucker for a good Superman piece.


You’re right to be proud of the Scarlet Witch. I love the way you have all those different red shades.


Thank you!


Thanks Ronnie!


Just finished this today guys, I experimented with clothing textures in Photoshop, it’s a Wilfredo Torres(Millarworld artist on Jupiter’s Circle) piece. Took a hour and a half at least…I really like this one.

Here’s the original:


That’s really great. Thanks for sharing.


Anytime I finish any of my art I share here, thanks Ronnie.


Finished a Warren Ellis Moon Knight last night, was talking about him with @mattgarvey1981 so I just got up and drew it :smile:


the penny drops! :wink:




Thanks @sonofken


Dark Knight Returns piece I recently finished.