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My 4-year old's amazing superhero take-down!!


Quick story - a great superhero takedown by my 4-year old daughter at kindergarten recently…

She loves adventure movies like Flash Gordon and Sinbad, right now watching Journey to the Centre of the Earth with James Mason, but Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are her favourites, the classic stuff especially and she’s really into 1960s Justice League in particular, soaking every detail up like a sponge when she watches the cartoons or I read her in the comics. It’s all just kind of her thing and I love it because it’s always been my thing too.

Anyway, she comes home from kindergarten a few weeks back and asks to watch these really bad Barbie cartoons we KNOW she was never interested in before. They were every bit as cynical and badly made as you can imagine, really just adverts for toys and insecurities and reinforcing the worst gender stereotypes we’ve always avoided when raising daughters. What’s worse is that we know she doesn’t even LIKE this stuff and only half-watching, but it turns out two boys both came dressed as Batman that morning and when she asked to play with them they turned her down, saying girls aren’t supposed to play at Batman and to make matters worse some of the other girls confirmed this.

So she’s home, quietly despondent about the fact she’s no longer supposed to be into this thing she loves so much and we’re completely furious, but there’s nothing you can do. She gradually starts watching it all again, but that first blood of conformity has been drawn and we’re worried about school when this is only going to get reinforced.

Anyway, last week they’re out in the pre-school garden and the teachers have a superhero day and quiz for all the kids. The boys think they’re going to romp home, but their knowledge is pretty much just the Marvel movies. My 4-year old has around 50 years of Marvel and DC back-history programmed into her tiny brain and she ANNIHILATES them on every question, not just naming heroes but adding info about their secret identities, their careers, their best friends and everything else you can imagine, everyone watching open mouthed and one of the teachers saying it was like watching Neo fighting at the end of the Matrix. She compounds this by turning around to the two boys from earlier, both dressed as Batman again for Superhero Day, and literally taking apart every continuity error in their costumes. As you know, kid costumes have to cut corners… but she’s brutal, pointing out everything from missing utility belts to missing yellow ovals and the wrong boots.

The end result? She obsessively watched Batman and Wonder Woman over breakfast Saturday and Sunday, her alpha-female status at kindergarten confirmed and her 4 year old enemies both fearing and respecting her knowledge of DC heroes (1966-1978 in particular)!!!




That may be the greatest thing I have ever heard (well…this morning anyway).

Please tell her that she has my respect and admiration (and the respect and admiration of all of Millarworld I would imagine).


I feel great for your daughter but bad for those boys.

They were being jerks, but they were the kind of unknowing jerks that only 4 year olds can be.

Now if they all get together and form a playground Justice League, that would be awesome!


She actually gets on well with them and now they all play happily together. They were friends before, which is why she was stung they wouldn’t let her play Batman with them, but all seems good now.



I’m happy to hear that as well. Superheroes are for everyone.


Can’t lie, showed this to my friends and we all agreed that this is a great anecdote to take down notes from for our future auntieing/parenting purposes. It’s so difficult to get kids to understand that it’s okay to enjoy things that aren’t traditionally linked to their gender, moreso if everything/everyone around them tells otherwise…


Part of growing up is learning the rules, what you can and cannot do.

“You want that? No you can’t just take it.” “Say please.” “Say thank you.” “Leave that on the floor, it’s dirty.” etc.

It can be very confusing.


OMG, the same thing happen to my daughter, she wanted to dress as a female Captain America and the boys and the girl from school keeps bothering her, but my wife and I showed some female cap cospalyers and she is now happy, we as fathers must help ours kids to bost their self esteem, her birthday was yesterday and she wanted to dress as supergirl and somebody confuse her with superman, I correct it in the momment, I just said that it’s amazing how poor are they in pop culture, my daughter played all day long with her cosplay, the worst thing is that threr is a new tv show of SUPERGIRL!!! and and 80’s movie, and cartoons


I remember my 5-yr-old daughter with her 3-yr-old brother and 5-yr-old (male) cousin, happily playing with their Batman action figures together, not to mention their Spider-Man, and X-Men, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toys. And quite often I was sitting on the rug, playing right along with them. :slight_smile:


That is a great story, Mark.


How cool is that? You must have lost a few buttons on your vest when you got the report from school, parenting the right way bro! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Now burn the Barbies.

They are bad for humans.


This is a fantastic story. It actually really deserves to be a kids book. It’s exactly the sort of tale kids should be reading to start getting rid of all that crap.


Aww sorry your wee girl had to put up with that, but go her for giving it back to the boys with her awesome comic book knowledge! If you’re ever worried about your daughter feeling she has to conform to girly stereotypes, just introduce her to me. I’ll show her girls can kick ass too :smiley:


Is she ready for the Dini / Timm animated series yet, Mark? Surely you’ve had Mark Hamill do his joker voice for her and then shown her the cartoon…4 year olds mind blown!!!