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My 3 year old's first Wonder Woman drawing!


I’ve been teaching my second-youngest how to draw superheroes recently as she’s been obsessed with them for over a year and can now correctly identify even Martian Manhunter, Black Canary and Green Arrow on top of the Super-Friends she knew a few weeks back. Her taste is impeccable, her Superman, Batman and wonder Woman being the quite correct Reeve, West and Carter.

So I continue the brain-washing and we had a bash at Wonder Woman together this morning. Am very impressed!


I love her sensible shoes!!


Just the sort of thing you need when you’re on a mission of peace to man’s world. I expect that would involve a lot of standing around.

@Mark_Millar, she’s very talented for three years old and that’s really cute…


Keep up the brain-washing, not enough kids today even know the Super-Friends! I love the hearts she drew around WW :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Yes! I love tiny geek girls, they give me hope for the future!


Yes, but can she put together three pages of sequential art?


In other Womder Woman related news (albeit with a 100 year age difference):


Don’t encourage the Scotsman with ideas of a mintature, cheap, eager to please workforce :wink:


I love the fact that your daughters version is wearing much more sensible clothing than yours. Bravo!