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My 2000AD Future Shock is published


Don’t worry, they’ll respond eventually.

The reason the submissions window is open less than six months is because they need the rest of the year to get through the massive slush pile. I sent a “tired” time travel effort early December, which came back after submissions closed (meaning I couldn’t send another), giving a turnaround of about 12 weeks.

Sending something near the end of the submissions window means an even longer wait. I’m sure patience is mentioned somewhere in the submissions guidelines. You’ll need it. :grin:


Oh no, that’s not the issue at all – the issue is whether they received it at all, not whether it was accepted. The Post is asking me to contact 2000AD just to see if it was received, or if it was lost (they couldn’t care less whether it was accepted!) I’m just finding it impossible to contact them to ask that.


I’m guessing that even if you found a contact, the slush pile is probably unlogged and very high. They’re a small, very stretched crew, so it’s hard to imagine them spending time trying to confirm a specific script has arrived. Sit tight and fingers crossed you’ve written a script Tharg will like.


Yeah, definitely – my only concern is that if I’ve written a script Tharg received! I’m meant to try and find out in some way or this has happened, but I don’t know how!


Congratulations DrewEricsson!