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My 2000AD Future Shock is published


I think Rory had been writing comics for some years before he won the 2015 pitchfest, so he already knew how to get the job done, had a portfolio to demonstrate talent, and probably had several ideas for stories in the kitty. Me: I’d never considered writing comics, and did the pitchfest for a dare. I even tried to turn up ‘too late’, but there were only five people in the bloody queue at the time. Rory’s doing a cracking job, and I think he’ll soon get a big character to work on.

The Thought Bubble pitchfest is an amazing experience; two minutes that are simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. Looking back, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done (I lead a quiet life), and I would recommend anyone interested in writing, of any kind, to try it.

My advice to anyone thinking about pitching is watch the Thought Bubble video and make notes of the judges’ critiques of the eleven pitches. We all made the same sort of mistakes, most of which are forgivable, but the key is to have a complete, coherent story with a real twist at the end.

I’m sure the good people on this forum would give honest feedback to draft pitches, so why not have a go? The same goes for the submissions process. I’ll certainly have something ready to post on this year’s opening day :wink:


Shit they were recording!!?!? Well that’s not embarrassing at all!


That’s you at the 26min mark right @DrewEricsson ??
( I’m at 17mins for those interested)
Well done again buddy yours was the best hands down.


Thanks Mark. Yeah, I was stunned when the video turned up a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a bloomin’ good job I wasn’t aware ahead of the event :disappointed_relieved:


That’s awesome, man. After speaking to you on another thread, I thought Tharg had turned to you down, so I’m exceptionally happy to see this. Well done, man! Break open the whiskey!


Thanks for posting that.

It is nice to put a face to the name…(and you also @markabnett)

I really need to raise my game… :smile:


… and he has another one in next week’s prog (2024), so I was doubly fortunate to have featured in this week’s jumping-on prog.


Hey man just wanted to say congratulations, I know how hard it is to get accepted to 2000AD as I I’ve been trying the past year or so. But I also recommend pacing yourself. I highly recommend Dirk Manning’s Writing for Comics which breaks down the logistics of making a comic and why trying to do an ongoing may not be the best idea.


Thanks for the recommendation; I’m reading it now :+1:


I thought it was really strange that more people didn’t turn up earlier. I was first in the queue. The odds are always against you with these kinds of things but I at least wanted to have a go.

It would’ve been awful to come all the way down and not get to pitch.

Although, standing up on stage, that was pretty terrifying. I’m not sure that I want to watch the video. That said, I’ll be up on that stage again this year.

But congrats again on winning and getting published. It’s really rewarding to see your work in print, in comic book shops.

If you’re looking for recommendations on books to read to help you with the craft of writing, I’d suggest ‘Writing For Comic & Graphic Novels’ with Peter David and ‘Words For Pictures’ by Brian Michael Bendis.

The latter is really useful for understanding the business of comic books and what editors look for.


Thanks Paul, I just hope I haven’t peaked.

Excellent news. I have to say, if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to win, I’d definitely be having another stab at it this year. I plan to visit TB2017, and I’ll likely drop in for the pitchfest, but in the audience this time.


what time shall we que this year?
you bring the crackers I’ll bring the cheese :smile:


I reckon all entering Millarworlders should turn up early and fill the first few slots, if not all of them. Mwahahahaha!


Well, why not? If it’s first come, first served again, then if any writer wants to be in with a chance, all you need to do is turn up early.

I was there before the panel before even started.

Over an hour early.

Mark was going to go into that panel before he saw me queuing there.

There are no guarantees when it comes to breaking into the comic book industry, but you can give yourself every advantage, and if you keep trying, and never give up, then eventually you will succeed.

The first thing I’ll be doing at Thought Bubble 2017 is locating where the pitching session is happening and then getting in line. Thought Bubble will be going on all weekend and if I miss out on one panel, and if I have to look around the convention a little later, then so be it.

That’s exactly how I felt when I saw CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0 in the shops in December. Well, after the joy and elation.

I want to build a career, and that means that my journey is far from over.

I think fear is a natural thing, you just have to use it. That’s what I do, anyway.

Can I ask, why?

I’m sure you can think up an idea by then, Thought Bubble isn’t until much later in the year.

And even if you don’t win, you’re at least reminding the folks at 2000AD that you exist and that you’re going to keep trying. That’s certainly worth something.


I assume they have a rule that if you’ve won you can’t enter again. Which seems fair enough.


That was my assumption. Didn’t stop me reading Paul’s reply just before bed and thinking “what would I write?” if allowed to enter. Which then meant I couldn’t get to sleep while I was trying out different scenarios, the pillow getting hotter and hotter with the brain churn.

So now I’m at work having had too little sleep, but at least I have something in mind to post on 18 September :grin:


I think it’s a safe one to make, even if it isn’t written down I can imagine the howls of outrage from budding creators if say, Rory McConville won it two years in a row.


Hey Drew, I read your future shock this morning.

Congratulations that was really well put together and definitely in the classic future shock mould.

It’s been a few years since I’ve read one that I enjoyed so well done and great twist!

I hope you see your name in the credit boxes again soon, 2000ad needs some new good new writers.
I have to be honest and say many of those who have broke thru in recent years do not work for me, but this was as good a debut story as I’ve read in the prog in recent memory.
Although the title is stronger than its every been, it’s mostly down to the old guard.

So great start and fingers crossed for you!


Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Chris. It’s so nice to hear that I’m on the right lines.

I know what you mean about some of the stories that haven’t quite worked, but that sort of experimentation is what keeps 2000AD relatively fresh after 40 years. The editors always own up to the stinkers, and are well aware that a reader won’t necessarily like all five strips every week.

It’s been a brilliant week for me, but my feet are planted firmly on the ground, and I’m grinding away daily at the writing. I’m starting to understand the phrase “you make your own luck” a little more now too.

Saying that, if anyone who enjoyed ‘Best Brain’ wishes to send a complimentary note to Tharg, I’ll stand you for a fancy coffee at TB2017 :wink:


Hey, don’t suppose you’d know of any way of contacting them? I sent in a submission about mid-February, and Royal Mail isn’t sure if it’s lost or not! They keep telling me it must have been delivered, even though on their systems it’s not showing up at all! They tell me to call Tharg to confirm that it was received, but I have no way of doing that! Their ‘Queries’ email option on their website yields no results at all, and I was wondering if you’d know if there might be another option for contacting them?