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My 2000AD Future Shock is published


I found a package containing three unordered copies of 2000AD Prog 2023 on my door mat this morning, which can mean only one thing: my first script has been published.

It’s the script I wrote after winning the 2000AD Writing Competion at Thought Bubble last year - the thing I entered for a laugh having never even considered writing comics. The artist, Tilen Javornik, who won the 2000AD Art Competition, has done a brilliant job. He must be psychic: he has taken the images directly from my brain and put them on to paper perfectly (the script wasn’t THAT detailed).

I’m extra pleased because Prog 2023 is a jumping on point, where all the serialised stories are starting their part 1s, so there’s often a few extra sales.

If anyone here reads 2000AD, or if you haven’t tried 2000AD before, Prog 2013 (out Wednesday 22 Mar) is a good place to start, I’d be happy to hear comments on my story. And if you really like it, you could always write a complimentary note to Tharg :wink:


That’s fantastic. Congratulations.

I will look forward to reading this on Wednesday.


Well done!!


That is AMAZING, congratulations!!!
So happy for you, buddy! :+1::+1::+1:


Cool - congrats!


Congratulations. Future Shocks were my favourite part of reading 2000ad.




Good luck Drew - hope it goes down well


Thank you all for the kind words. That accidental win and this forum has really whet my appetite for writing comics, my first love, instead of that novel I’ll probably never finish.

I’ll be fingering an artist or two (figuratively speaking) soon as I have a script already written for issue 1 of one series, and I have the outline for another series complete, so the issue 1 script for that is only a couple of weeks away. I have my sight set on artists on this forum, so as soon as I’m completely happy with the scripts I’ll be putting the feelers out :point_right:


Congrats @DrewEricsson - that’s awesome.


nice, will pick it up! Congrats!!


Just a quick bump seeing how Prog 2023 is out today :grin:

Don’t forget, it’s a ‘jumping on’ prog, so all new stories, and I’m in illustrious script droid company:
John Wagner - Judge Dredd
Ian Edgington - Scarlet Traces
Kek-W - Cursed: The Fall of Deadworld
Dan Abnett - Brink


Damn. I wish it was easier to find 2000AD on the shelf around here. I might have to get the digital copy of this issue.


Good work @DrewEricsson. I often find the Future Shocks cheap, disposable filler used to bulk out a Prog but this was pretty good. A decent sting in the tail at the end.


Cheers :grin:

I went for ‘old school’, mainly because I’m old :wink:


Belated congrats Drew


Good work - felt like one of the old Moore-era Future Shocks. I watched the video of you pitching (and winning) at Thoughtbubble, so unfortunately I already knew the twist, but enjoyable nonetheless. Has Tharg offered you the chance to pitch any more FS ideas?


Just read it today, very enjoyable Drew. Good stuff.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I still have to go through the normal submissions process like anyone else. I think once you have a few of the short-form stories under your belt (Future Shocks, Time Twister, Terror Tales), there’s a chance you’ll be asked to write a Thr3ller or two, and then eventually work your way up to the known characters.

Submissions is now closed until 18 September 2017 :confounded:


Interesting. The reason I ask is because your predecessor and previous ThoughtBubble winner Rory McConnville got a good few Future Shock’s published in the months after his debut - and I think some of them were outside of the submission period. He also did a three-part ‘Tharg’s Thrillers’ - maybe he’d already submitted them…

As I missed this year’s submission deadline, I’ve been toying with the ThoughtBubble route - would you recommend?