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MWJam: The Return!


'Sup folks… So, taking advantage of the new site & forums as an opportunity, I thought we should revive the good old MWJams… Anyone up for it?

So here’s how it works: Anyone’s welcome to participate, of course, and what we usually did was, everyone picks a character Millar’s written (anything from any Millar book, be it Marvel, DC, Image, his own books… don’t matter) but you have to post your choice in this thread so people can choose something else… the point being: No repeats of the same character, but different iterations are okay (like some can pick Old Man Logan and someone else 616 Wolverine, but not 2 Old Man Logans). First come first served, so hurry up! =)

Preferably, the drawings should be in high-res, black & white (since not everyone can or has time to colour) and your drawing should be of the entire body of the character, in whichever pose you wish… just the whole body (no busts or portraits) for it to be eligible.

Also, for now just ONE character per person… If there isn’t much interest I’ll let you know so you can do more than one if you wish to, or just scrap it if none’s ball to do it =P

I’ll set a tentative date of humm… I dunno… let’s say June 1st as a deadline for everyone to participate, at which point I’ll take all of the submitted drawing and put them together in a background or something (to the effect of the exemples below). And voilà: Jam created! Later on if a colorist in here wants to take a stab at it, I can provide the high-ress PS file for them to tinker it, but that’s only if anyone asks to.

*Drawings should be either posted in here, or in any external site of your choice… just make sure to provide me with a link via PM or here in the thread to a high-ress image so I can download them and edit them later on).

Here are some of the MWJams we did in previous years (notice the participation of some people you might recognize :wink: which means that you never know who your art’s gonna be showcased next to) so you can see what it’s supposed to look like (and the whys of the rules above) or take a peek at some fun artwork or just take a stroll down memory lane…

Well, Hopefully this thread won’t disappear, and we all await your participation… Cheers!

BTW, for the new members, a little disclaimer: This is in no way any sort of official or Millar-sponsored thing… There’s no prize, nothing to win… Just for the fun of it =)

Taken characters (so far):
WOLVERINE 616 - by Andrew
SPIDEY- DaveWallace
HARRY (SS movie version) - kieranbeech


I’m in, and I’ll be boring and take… Wolverine (regular).


Red Son Batman.

Screw you “artists”!

I’m a-gonna show ya what a WRITER can do!!!


Oh, yeah - if we got all the old Jams out and completed them with names, we’d sure would see a bunch of Big Names Now!


Cool, nice to see you back =)

By all means… show 'em youngsters :wink:

Oh, btw, I will participate this time around, but I’ll choose something later on, so you won’t think I’m playing favorites with myself =P


I’m not going to pretend to be a great artist, but I’d love to contribute something to one of these for once. Can I pick Spider-Man?


I’m in, but have no clue of who to draw yet. Can’t be that hard to choose, right? Millar hasn’t worked on that much…!


Hey poped in and out of this site before. Going to try get into it more. With the rebooted website think this is a good time. Think this thread sounds fun, and a good start. So put me down for Ultimate’s Thor.


These threads always make me wish I could draw.

Well, even so more than usual.


You just did! =)

Well, there’s in fact quite a lot, if we go by strict rules… Civil War did have a ton of characters =P

Ideally though, people should choose from the characters of his series, and CW was kind of an event, but hey, I’m not nit-picky like that… If you want do do someone from CW go ahead =)

Hippy Thor it is! =)

Welcome aboard btw, hope you have a nice time in the boards!

Oh come on Christian, it’s open to everyone! As long as you can produce even a doodle (following the above rules of course) it’s all good =)


Even my stick figures look like mutated stick figures of stick figures, I’m afraid :frowning:


I thought you had a drawing in one of the samples up above?

Is there… was there… another “Christian”?

That seems very unlikely.


In hindsight, I should’ve put the complete names =P

For some reason I also was sure there was a Nicola Scott contribution somewhere in those, but no, she only participated in earlier draw-offs… Still have those somewhere… I wonder if they’re “collector items” at this point? xD

There is a nice Jenny Sparks done by the very awesome David LaFuente though… that’s pretty cool. And I’m pretty sure “Andres P” is Andres Ponce who also went pro IIRC. So there ya go…

*Edit… Oh and Neil Edwards too… He went pro and did work for Marvel as well =)

Actually, there might be some others in there as well, so appologies if I’m forgetting someone… it’s been literally years =P


I’m going to get in on this. Who to pick though…


Well, considering your avatar, I’d say Dredd is the obvious choice =P However I don’t remember if Mark did a Dredd book at some point, but he might have…


He did write Dredd for a while so it’s available.


I’m in. Don’t know who I want to draw. Will know as soon as I see someone else pick them. Will choose after that. :slight_smile:


Yeah, Mark wrote Dredd right at the start of his career. It’s not the best to be honest. I’ve also drawn Dredd in one of these jams before so it’d be a wee bit of a cheat if I did him again.


Declan Shalvey! Michael Rea! Carlos Pedro! Eduardo! Bloody ME!!!

Don’t know if anybody even wants to remember, but I (Miqque; The WRITER) won an art contest right here. HalloweenMan, it was. I won for contributing. Was it good? No. Do I care? No. Well, a wee bit. This time I’m not going to use lined notebook paper!


I entered my first Jam in 2010 I think well when Bruce did them I joined boards in 09 I believe. So I’m in.

I’ll do Harry it will more than likely be the Colin Firth version though.