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MW front page: Who's directing the next Spidey movie?


Some interesting names in the article on the front page. I genuinely don’t know who I’d pick from the list. Any thoughts?


I’ve only seen a couple of the films, the emphasis clearly seems to be on the high school element rather than big FX films and with that in mind I thought Pitch Perfect was great.

That’s not exactly a new idea from Marvel, very few of their chosen directors have done any action blockbuster and special effects stuff before.


Drew Goddard is the only one who seems like a natural fit for the material. I have no real feeling for the rest of them. WARM BODIES was an interesting movie (much more interesting book, though), but I can’t really say that any of them strike me with any sort of “of course!” sensation.

But, honestly, I can’t really think of anyone who’s a natural fit for Spider-Man.


Drew Goddard for me please.

Edgar Wright would be a perfect choice, but he’s obviously not an option.

Most of the others feel like they could go the way of Marc Webb and be another disaster. Marvel need to get this one right for the sake of undoing the damage.


Ah, yes, Edgar Wright would be great.