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MW Book Club - Nominations Open!

Spinning out of the discussion in this thread:

There’s a consensus that it might be fun to try and run some book-club style discussion threads again, but something less drawn-out (so we aren’t discussing issue after issue of the same comic for weeks or months on end).

So I’m opening this thread up for nominations and suggestions of either single issues or single-volume books we could discuss.

There were some suggestions that new #1s (either singles or first volumes of collections) might be a good place to start, but let’s not make any hard rules at this stage.

One nomination that came up in the earlier thread was Hickman’s X-Men, which is coming up in July. That seems pretty nailed-on.

Are there any other notable books debuting ahead of that? The more popular they’re likely to be, the better, I guess.

Off the top of my head, Azzarello has Faithless #1 coming out on 10th April, and he’s a pretty popular writer on this board.

I’ve also pre-ordered the initial collections of Bendis’ new creator-owned series - the first TPBs of both Pearl and Cover are due out in May.

Any other nominations?

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Miller and Romita’s Superman: Year One would be one I would be interested in.


I like the idea of all the nominations so far. I’d like to re-read Cover in one go plus I want to read Pearl.

I’ll nominate 3 things I’ve been meaning to get to from my pile for a while.

Lumberjanes volume 1 by Stephenson, Ellis and Allen
Death or Glory volume 1 by Remender and Bengal
AD: After Death by Snyder and Lemire

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Would one trade and one #1 issue make sense? In April Marvel has Liefeld’s Major X starting and Image has Millar and Copiel’s The Magic Order vol. 1.


We are creatively drained by being engulfed in politics.


How about Adventure Comics #247 - 380? :thinking:


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These are great suggestions. The rest are all terrible.

Since this is MW, maybe start with one of his books? He has one out now with Sharky the Bounty Hunter. Maybe another one out soon, too.


Someone suggested the Magic Order trade which is out soon, might be a good shout.


I’m up for that !


I’d still love a bookclub discussion for The Ultimates and Ultimates 2 one day.

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Savage Avengers


I’d be happy with that. It will remind me to buy the thing :wink: (Seriously, this is a problem with tradewaiting – by the time the trade is out the buzz is gone and I forget about it.)


I’m happy to do The Magic Order, I enjoyed reading it originally but haven’t red it as a whole yet.


I think it appropriate to do a Millar book, he’s not round here often but we owe him for having this community. So I’d suggest we lock in on Magic Order.


Agreed :+1::+1:

I enjoyed the first issue and heard really good things about it, so I’ve been looking forward to reading the trade.

Well done folks, good shout.


Great, we’ll kick off that thread when the TPB comes out then. It’s currently down for April 17, I think.

I’m hoping these threads will be fairly regular (and I guess there’s no reason why we can’t have more than one going at once) so I’m sure we’ll get to some of these other suggestions soon.


Well done dave for getting it going
I’m looking forward to reading this with all of you


Are you going to be able to stay calm enough to participate or are you going to start making up swear words again? :wink: