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MW Book Club! Faithless #1-2

I guess I’ll start a few of these threads and see what sticks.

We’ve got a new Azzarello series out this week and I know he has quite a few fans here, so I thought there might be enough interest for this to be worth a dedicated topic. (Or maybe not! We’ll see.)

Some great artists on the three variant covers for this one - Paul Pope, Lee Bermejo and Tula Lotay.


Ah shite. I’ve posted something about this in the main thread. I’ll post my comments on here.

Happy to go in depth here in as we are allowed spoilers.

I’d really like to see the Lotay cover, it’s not included in the digital copy, so I’ll scour for that.

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I enjoyed it for the most part.
It’s probably the least Azzarello book I’ve read, written by Azzarello.

That’s neither a bad thing nor a good thing, it’s just the first thing that springs to mind.

It reads like it was written by someone far younger.

I liked it, the issue hangs together well as whole and I felt quite absorbed by it. It does put me in mind of something else dialogue and storytelling wise, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Like not quite Terry Moore, but in that ballpark.

The art was pretty raw, which I don’t mind because the storytelling was very good, so I could understand what was going on and we’ve hit an era where technical ability and drawing something immaculately is no longer a requisite, it’s more about pacing and making the story work.
Which isn’t a bad thing for me at all.
It’s does open the door for artists who are not as skilled at drawing, but who do understand sequential art so there’s a balance there.

My only complaint would be the artist is not a good choice for the ‘erotic’ scenes. Its not very erotic at all, as the art is too primitive to handle it. So it’s really down to the reader’s imagination to carry the weight of that - and I actually think that using the word ‘erotic’ to describe the book in the solicitations overplays that side of it a bit.
It’s only the first issue right enough.

For those who have not picked this up, or read the solicits, the story follows a girl (in her early 20s) who is meandering through life, and may be a practising magician/witch or just a bit naive, she randomly bumps into an alluring and confident girl in a coffee shop and they hit it off and spend the day together having a few drinks.
But all is not quite as it seems.

This fits into a few genres; romance, horror, magic and I guess erotic, but see my comments above on that.


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I’m an idiot…I’ve just checked my Previews order for Feb, because the Lotay cover rang a bell with me after seeing your comments above, Dave. I’ve order it in physical copy so I’ve went and paid for this damn book twice…I won’t get it until a few days into May though, because my box only arrives once a month so I guess at least I got to read this early.

I found it hard to resist ordering the Lotay cover, We don’t get to see anywhere near enough of her work.

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I love Lotay’s work so I did something I very rarely do (if ever) and ordered two copies, one with Pope’s cover and one with Lotay’s. So I’ve paid for the book twice too, just intentionally! :slight_smile:

(There are some censored versions of Lotay’s cover floating around online now, but I haven’t seen the full thing yet, so it will be a nice surprise when it comes.)

Anyway, I’ve skimmed over the rest of your comments on the book’s specifics for now, as I want to go in knowing as little as possible, so I’ll catch up on the discussion once my copies arrive.

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I love her stuff too but not nearly as much as finding out this lady with the super stylish sophisticated Euro tinged art and exotic name is really called Lisa and speaks with a strong Yorkshire accent.

I’m sure many did but it rather took me aback when I heard her on a 2000ad Thrillcast. :smile:


I knew her background but I don’t think I’ve ever heard her speaking. I will have to seek that out.


She’s in one of their convention ones where they chat to a lot of creators so I’m not sure how easy it will be to find, compared to the one on one interview shows, but I suspect it was most likely a Thoughtbubble one as she helps organise that one.


I read this first issue last night and really enjoyed it.

I think it’s true what Chris says about this feeling like a writer with a younger voice than you’d usually expect from Azzarello - I often find his work a little overly structured and preoccupied with form, whereas this felt a little lighter and looser, for the better.

I really like the early scenes that set up the lead character and the interactions that lead up to the issue’s ending. Establishing character and making readers buy into a relationship as genuine takes a certain amount of work, and this issue pulls it off well, while at the same time peppering lots of intriguing little magical moments throughout the issue.

Talking of which, I like the way magic is handled here - rather than it being a showy or dynamic approach, it’s all in suggestion and subtle ‘pushes’, and it makes it feel a little easier to accept without question.

The artwork plays a big part in this - much of the issue is about fairly low-key human interactions, so it’s important that Llovet gets the body language and facial expressions right, and she’s obviously very good at it.

A lot of the relationship-building here is also conveyed through glances or gestures and isn’t spelled out in the dialogue, and you still get the sense of the attraction and rising sexual tension between the characters.

And yes, that extends to the sex. I thought this element was a little more successful than Chris did - it’s maybe nothing too surprising or unconventional as these things go (until that weird last page, anyway), but I think it builds off the strength of the relationship established earlier in the issue, and that helps to give it an erotic charge that it might lack if you just read the sex scene on its own without that context.

It’s hardly the first story to explore the link between sex and magic but I think that by tying it to characters that we already care about, making the sex and the magic feel fairly grounded and ‘real’, and by lacing the book with humour (sometimes silly pop-culture stuff, sometimes darker humour like seeing the suicide attempt on the TV in the background before the characters notice it), it makes it an enjoyable read.

That cliffhanger changes things quite a bit, though, and I can’t honestly say where I expect the book to go from there.

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Oh, and that Lotay cover…

Well it certainly justifies being bagged with a black card cover, I can’t imagine this sitting on the shelves of a comic shop uncensored.

I was thinking of posting it here with a spoiler-blur but it’s probably too explicit even for that, so I’ll demur just to be on the safe side.

It’s a great piece of art from Lotay but I probably won’t be reading it on the bus! :slight_smile:

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Fuck it, get it posted

Just wrap a spoiler round it for the faint of heart

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Ok, if you don’t want to know the score then look away now.

Biff! Pow! Comics Aren’t Just For Kids Any More!

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Anyway, moving on…

What did you make of the cliffhanger Chris?

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Awesome :flushed:

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I thought the cliffhanger was excellent.

I was enjoying reading the book, but I felt the cliffhanger was what was needed to really provide that hook and I think it’s what the book needed to bring the readers back for the next issue. Just to lock them in.

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So did anyone read issue #2 yet?

I thought it was ok but a slight disappointment after the very good first issue. There isn’t much to the story here, and I didn’t feel like the issue really paid off the cliffhanger of the first chapter.

That said, there were some amusingly-written smaller moments and I thought the big display of magic towards the end of the issue was suitably arresting. I just don’t feel like there’s quite as much momentum here now as there was before. Although I’m still enjoying the artwork.

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Issue #3 was out this week. It was better than issue #2, a good mix of relationship stuff, spooky horror and story development. I especially liked the gentle exploration of the nature of magic in this world, and the way the cost of that magic is suggested. There’s some intrigue here, some tragedy and some disturbing moments. I like where this is going.

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