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Music for babies and kids


Raising an 18 month old I’ve encountered a whole new genre of music I typically would never have bothered with. There’s all sorts of great and crazy kids music, so I’m interested to hear some of the favorites out there.

I’m a huge fan of the fantastically talented Casper Babypants. Here’s my current favorite of his:

I’m also going to use this thread to inflict Chu Chu TV on those who might never have heard of it before. Click it, I dare you.



Oh, Jim - I am so sorry!

Proceed, parents.

And keep it down, willya?


Hate that little. Duck tune.

This one appeals to me.

This is part of Graces chill completions.


The LBB videos are great and oddly hypnotic (the robot that does One Two Buckle My Shoe is the standout).

ChuChuTV is even more addictive (the voices and translations are a bit odd though).

My kids liked the Sandra Boynton songs when they were around Finn’s age, especially the Frog Trouble album. My son loved Trucks in particular:

Also, after seeing him at a festival they went through a phase of asking for a lot of Nick Cope songs (mainly because they’re a bit rude:

Now though we’ve pretty much moved on from kids music to regular music - which is great, because it means I can share a lot of my favourites; and not great, because they’re not shy about saying if they don’t like them!


I don’t have kids, but I think Classical or Synthwave would be best thing for them to listen to.


I don’t think we ever listened to any kids songs.

In utero Lo listened to all Helen’s favourite tunes and once he was born he would fall asleep whenever he heard Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy.

Both of them love a bit of House of Pain.

Having said that we do like a bit of Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and a few other sing along tunes.


There was a big thing about 20 years ago that playing classical music for kids would boost their IQ. This was thoroughly scientifically debunked as being a misreading of one small experimental study, but I still seem to see a lot of CDs of the “Mozart for babies” variety. I guess if there’s money in it people will keep hawking it.

Not that there’s anything wrong with playing Mozart to your baby, but if you’ve heard that it boosts their intelligence: it doesn’t.


FWIW. I listened to a strange mix of classical and country (and I mean country, like ridin’ an the harse tew go warsh yer clothes) and some live honky-tonk jazz piano (that my dad played). Then, one day, I discoveded rock ‘n’ roll and didn’t go back much.

These days there can be long playlists, without even the raised-from-the-dead classical announcers. It can be tailored to mood and intent. Everybody cites Mozart, but it is the simple melodic themes of many composers that little kids tend to like. Brahms, maybe.