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MURPH ON MONDAYS - Weekly Column by Sean Gordon Murphy!



Check this out at I don’t have a direct link, but as we tweak and fiddle with the site this is one of the things we’ll fix… direct links available to specific threads on our updated daily front page.

Wilf on Fridays and Murph on Mondays will be specifically for artists, so people can see their process as they put together our two books. There’s going to be a kind of director commentary track here too so they can explain a lot of their choices. It’s great stuff actually.

The plan here on the front page is to really build this, not only updated News stories every day but regular weekly columns in there. We’ve got Black and White and Read all over as the podcast every week, two guys I love doing it every Friday, plus Murph and Wilf doing their columns plus a ton of other stuff. The Wednesday Chat begins this week too, where a big pro gets talking live with the readers and this kicks off in a mere two days time. More details tomorrow.


Friday's with Wilfredo - new weekly Millarworld column!

I love seeing Murphy’s work in black and white. Were you originally considering using a Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS as seen in the bottom picture instead of the DeTomaso Pantera as the hero car?


Always enjoy the behind-the-scenes glimpses. Is that the beginning of the Chrononaut’s version of the Bat Cave? Guess I’ll see in a week or so!

(btw, let me recommend a movie while I’m here. Little inexpensive [as opposed to cheap] film called Werewolf: The Beast Among Us. It’s got a professional hunting party and a rather neat new twist on werewolf fables. I’m thinking it will spark some ideas. :slight_smile: )


Looks like there’s another Murph on Mondays post up. I’m really liking these especially the focus on cars. Sean mentions Off Road in this piece which I highly recommend. It’s a nice slice of life book.


That’s a really nice cover. Makes me want to get the book even though I’m pretty sure the subject matter isn’t really my thing.


It’s a great example of his early work. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It reminds me a little of one of my favorite books, Blankets by Craig Thompson.


The black and white scans of the art are fantastic. I don’t know Sean does it, the feeling of kineticism on the page without totally losing control of the pen and accidentally scribbling over a head.


I love this new “feature.” The behind the scenes type stuff is really cool, almost like a director’s commentary for comics.