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MURDER ONE, a free short horror comic!


Hey everyone! Been a while since I’ve posted, and everything is looking quite different!

Just wanted to stop by to ask that you check out a comic drawn and colored by the fantastic Federico De Luca and lettered by the incomparable ET Dollman. It was written by me!

Hope ya dig, and would love any feedback, positive or negative. Thanks!


Welcome back, Deniz! We’ve missed you in the New Comics Thread!


Hail and well met, Deniz! Good to see your pseudonym again!


Nice work, Deniz!
And well done getting Federico on as artist! I’ve seen his work before in Decay (an Adelaide-based horror anthology), and do believe that one of his stories got into Heavy Metal? It looks great, anyway.


That was great. Reminded me of Gaiman when he was at his peak on the Sandman with Kelley Jones. Really nice art, really nice writing, and a completely involving little tale that absorbed me a lot. Thanks!


Todd, Miqque – thank you! I’m touched and surprised that you remember my ramblings! It’s good to see some familiar faces. :smile:

Mike, thanks for checking it out! Federico is an amazing talent, and does it ALL himself; penciling, inking, coloring. He makes it all look easy, and does it all with an incredible quickness. But ET Dollman, the letterer, really hammered home how important the art of lettering really is.

Michael, thank you for taking a look, and for such incredible high praise! I’m a HUGE fan of your artwork on these boards, so your kindness is doubly meaningful!