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MULLIGAN REBOOT & MILLARWORLD competition advice...

Right, I haven’t left the house for five days.
I have food poisoning and I’m going a little stir crazy, so I thought I’d share a story…about me…some news…and then maybe a little bit of advice.

It was six years ago when I first got the cojones to try and write my first comic.
Had never done it before, wasn’t sure I could and had no a clue what I was doing, but I had an idea…about a guy called Eddie…who has a gift…kinda
I had nothing to lose, I gave it a go and it was called MULLIGAN.
It was only a ten page comic, but I was so proud that I did it and i I thought it was going to blow open the doors to the industry and jobs offers would come flooding in from Jim Lee and Joe Quesada.
Of course it didn’t.
I was twenty seven (so not even a child) but it boggles my mind how naive I was…the comic was as rough as a baggers bottom, but I loved it.
The people on the old OLD MILLARWORLD forum seemed to like my writing and it made them laugh, which really gave me the confidence to write more!
(Huge THANKS all your old School MillarWorlders)
So, I went away and honed my craft…
I started with four, six, seven and eventually ten pages stories, trying to learn how to tell a story well.
I posted them all on here, to get feedback, which helped and I worked my way up to twenty four page comics.
Mulligan kind of fell to the wayside while I created other comics like CHUNKS, Cordelia, TRANSFER etc.

But, I always had a soft spot for Mulligan…it was my first idea.
I thought it was good….so much like Marvel and DC I’M REBOOTING IT!
It has been rewritten and I have an amazing artist I’m working with called Talula Bertram (she does a comic called BAJO MANO…Check it out: ) and as always the amazing @DIZEVEZ has kindly done the cover to the first issue :smiley:
Here is that BEAUTIFUL Cover!

Can we take a second and give @DIZEVEZ a huge a round of applause, please!!!
Thank you so much, you are the greatest!

Aaaaaand let’s move on…
Why did I want to share my story and my new (old) comic news with you?
Well, it has taken me six years to get to where I am.
Six years to be able to put work out that I consider to worthy of your time and let’s face it, your money too…it wasn’t an overnight thing.
It is a process and believe me, I have had my fair share of rejection from publishers, but remember its business it is NOT personal.
I mean, I’m still not even a published comic writer and may never be and that’s ok.
I write because it is fun, I enjoy it and I want to tell stories.
So, if you enter the MillarWorld Annual contest and you don’t win, it doesn’t matter.
It is not the end of the world.
Make the comics you would buy if you saw them on the shelves at your LCS, that’s what I do and I am a happier man for it.

Good luck to everyone who enters, but I really hope I win! :laughing:

Matt :wink:


Good advice, Matt. :slight_smile:


That cover is beautiful and I really look forward to picking up the issue, as you know I will :wink:


Just paying it forward, buddy.


Got you for life now! :wink:


Thank you so much @craguecook!!


And thank you for another amazing cover!


Great cover!!

I’m going to have to employ you for a cover of one of my stupid things if you have free time in November @DIZEVEZ PM me your rates if you are.


Yes, but winning would be fun also.

Of course it would.
But the point is not to put all your eggs in one basket with this competition to "break you in"
Just go out and make comics regardless.
Do it because you love it, not because you want fortune and glory!


Whilst fortune and glory does sound appealing, I’d wager is pales in comparison to the feeling you receive, upon successful completion of a script/story.

Then it sounds like you do it because you love it, which is the whole point of this thread :wink:

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You had me on hello :grin:

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I think this is a good thing to keep in mind if you really want to work in comics. Matt is very talented and makes great comics but the thing he has more than any of that is hustle. You can be the most talent writer and artist in the world but if you don’t have any hustle, no one will ever see you work. It’s one of the things that sets Mark Millar apart too.

The other misnomer is to think of the Annual as a sweepstakes. No one is going to win like drawing a name out of a hat. The scripts and art styles that tell the best story within the guidelines of the page restraint and the spirit of the characters will be the ones selected to be included in the Annual. No one is going to become a great artist or writer by winning. That comes through work. Mark is going to select the best artist or writer from those that have entered and give them a chance to be seen by a wider audience.


Gotta hustle, baby!
Gotta be your own biggest cheerleader!

Poms at the ready!

cheers for the compliment, buddy! :wink:

starting to really like you, Ronnie! :smiley:


Well said, sir.


Matt, you’re right about making the kind of comics that you would want to buy.

I remember on several occasions that the professionals have said the same thing, including Stan Lee. I’ve heard the same applied to making films. So, it seems that a good rule of thumb for any creator should be, go out and make your dream project. Even its been made, you can take the basic premise of something and improve upon it, or customize it for your own tastes. Despite what they say about originality, each of us do bring about our own unique life experiences/perspectives or philosophies.

So, yeah, a word of encouragement to everyone going for the gold this fall and onward: Draw it/Write it for yourself first and let it be all that you would like for it to be. As for an audience, they’ll come around. Stan Lee proved it, film-makers, and other creators have as well. There is truth in the famous movie line: Build it and they will come.

Now, Let’s Do This.



You all heard it… i am right! :smiley:

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