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Muhammad Ali:The Greatest has left us


I am really starting to hate 2016!

He was a real life superhero!


Once again he’s floating like a butterfly, but now it’s on the wings of an angel. R.I.P.


Well fuck.

At least it wasn’t cancer.


One of my personal heroes. RIP.


A real hero in every sense of the word!



Waaaay too many loses, this year!


The absolute greatest and not just for his legendary work in the boxing ring. Though he was in decline for a number of years, I’m very sad to hear of his passing.

I coveted that Muhammed Ali vs Superman oversized DC comicbook for years. Though the story isn’t quite the greatest, I was, and still am, hypnotized by the Neal Adam’s artwork and spent many times in my childhood imagining what the story entailed before I got my hands on a copy. It’s one of my favorite things in my collection.

2016 takes yet another one of my cultural icons.


I remember watching him fight on tv when I was a wee boy back in the 1970’s. I think I even believed he HAD super powers back then, he seemed so far above just abut anyone else in ability. I didn’t question how Ali could fight Super-man, only why would he fight him… :wink:


As a child of the 70s, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Jenner and Evel Knievel were my heroes.

He may not have been the best boxer, but he was by far The Greatest.


He was a gentleman of conviction and high standards, who also had a wonderful sense of humor. All sports celebrities should follow his example. Rest in peace, Mr. Ali.



Best boxer ever and an even better person… true icon…


Buzz Aldrin, Mickey Mouse, Muhammad Ali.


Farewell to the Freeman of Ennis. He really was the greatest:



When they met years ago, there was a funny quote from Prince about how excited he was to meet one of his childhood heroes: "“He could have said, ‘mow the lawn,’ and I would have been down with it.” (source:


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