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MPH Roscoe Rodriguez fan art


MPH Roscoe Rodriguez fan art

I’m pretty new to digital art, I bought a Cintiq about 3 weeks ago, this is my first completed piece, hope it does the amazing MPH justice.

You can check out the full res version of this piece here

When I submitted this piece to Deviantart, it automatically set up as a print for sale? I have no intention on making any money of the backs of others amazing creations, can anybody please inform me on how to alter this error? If anything is sold in the meantime, I will donate the earning to a charity of Mark’s choice. Sorry for the balls up.

Starlight Fan Art

I love this!


Thanks a million, Mark! Proper made my day. Did you see the part about this being set up as a Print for sale on Deviantart? I have tried all day to edit it but nothing seems to work? I will have another go after work and will delete the post, if I am unsuccessful, sorry about the error.
Diolch yn fawr iawn!