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Movies that could use a comic book sequel


In honor of FIGHT CLUB 2, I was wondering what movies out there could use a comic book sequel or prequel?

A few I can think of - some obvious and some not so.

DARKMAN (Surely someone’s already done a comic book for this)
EVIL DEAD (see above)
BEETLEJUICE* (the movie, not the bizarre Saturday Morning cartoon) (hell, just about any Tim Burton movie)
HANCOCK, obviously

But lists aren’t completely fun, so pitch a few ideas. Most of the ones on my “top of my head” list are already close to comics already (Darkman, Hancock, Back to the Future), but a couple unusual ones that could take advantage of the unlimited “budget” comics allows (anything you can draw).

    At the end of the movie, when Bruce Nolan decides to let God worry about running the world, he expected to spend the rest of his life as a normal mortal mostly happily married to Grace, his much better than he deserves wife. However, when Bruce discovers that his almighty powers have returned, the first thing he does is head to the mysterious all-white floor in the building where he first met Almighty Sr. to find out what’s going on. Instead of encountering the Supreme Being, however, he meets eleven other people from around the world who have all undergone the same “I told you so” ordeal that God put Bruce through. It appears that GOD has gone AWOL and now it’s up to this misfit team of “Almighties” to literally keep the world from falling apart. Of course, it’s damn near impossible for two people to agree on how the world should be run, so twelve are certainly going to have more than a few problems… especially when one of them may not exactly be what they seem.


“Ferris is going to be President some day.”

  • Random Quote of a fellow student in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF

Ferris Bueller is the President of the United States and that can be something of a drag. Time ditch the Secret Service and take a sick day.


Marvel did some Darkman books back in the 90s. I think I had a letter printed in one! IIRC, I was sent a black and white preview by Marvel so they could get some printable feedback.


Yeah, low budget movies like that lend themselves to comic book continuations than actual sequels. In the comics, you can actually achieve something of a vision while most sequels are money grabs (like the DARKMAN and CROW and ROBOCOP and STARSHIP TROOPERS sequels) that really have embarrassing production values. Well, ROBOCOP 2 was actually trying a little - reminded me of what would happen if you mixed Stallone’s JUDGE DREDD with BATMAN FOREVER, though.

STARSHIP TROOPERS - there’s another movie that would do well as a comics series. Lynch’s DUNE too (Mike Mignola did the adaptation of the movie for Marvel, I think). I would say EDGE OF TOMORROW, but the original novel, ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, has been adapted into a Manga. Also, there just isn’t a lot more to tell with that story.


There was an Army of Darkness/Darkman Crossover a couple of years back by Dynamite Entertainment. I think Kurt Busiek wrote it but I can’t remember a whole lot about it. George Perez did some very pretty covers for it.

There was a suggestion a couple of years back of Shane Black writing a final Lethal Weapon movie, more in the style of the original. As I understand it, it didn’t happen due to a mixture of people wanting to do a different, less dark script and Mel Gibson’s very public meltdown leading him to be radioactive. So I would love to see a comic book version of Shane Black’s Lethal Weapon 5.

Failing that, The Second Last Boyscout would be cool.

Other sequels I would love to see would be the much touted Vega Brothers movie. Michael Madsen and John Travolta being older wouldn’t be an issue in on a printed page, and I think that Quentin Tarantino could have a lot of fun with the flexibility allowed to him by the comic medium.


Isn’t Fight Club 2 a sequel to the book?

And, let’ face it, the clear answer is Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.


Actually, that would be brilliant. Do it for all the 80’s action movies. RAMBO, DIE HARD, PREDATOR, LETHAL WEAPON, HARD TARGET, ABOVE THE LAW, LONE WOLF MCQUADE… all in the same world.

Rambo vs Predator would practically write itself.


@Tom_Punk: I have only read the FCBD story so far but remember reading an interview that that Fight Club 2 is a sequel to the book AND movie. The preview does hint that it’s true.


The FCBD story makes room for the movie, but it follows about 90% of the books ending.
The way it makes room for the movie is that there are parts he was just hallucinating


Maybe I don’t understand but what were the major differences between the book and the movie? I’ve read the book and seen the movie. I thought they lined up pretty well but that could just be my memory.


Well, it’s pretty simple.

The book ends with him getting locked up in a mental institution, because the buildings exploding was all a lie by Tyler and the Narrator fails to commit suicide

The movie ends pretty much the opposite way.


OK, I remember that. I never understood the “suicide” in the film and exactly how that “got rid” of Tyler either.


It’s played off more clearly in the book. In the book The Narrator TOTALLY MEANT to kill himself. He just missed. But it was enough to kill Tyler

The movie pretty much runs the same principle, I guess.


I have two slightly left field choices

  • Midnight Run- I love that film. It is funny and full of action and wonderfully creative swearing, but mostly I love that it is populated with great characters from Jack Walsh and Jonathan Mardukas, to the FBI guys, or the henchmen or Marvin…I read somewhere that there were plans a couple of years ago to do a sequel with Robert DeNiro. This would be an infinitely better way to go.
  • The Guard- Maybe it’s an Irish thing, but a blackly comic modern dress Western featuring a drugged up, racist but clever member of An Garda Siochana (what we call our police) could be brilliant. Would need to be written by John Michael McDonagh though.


Yeah, a book based on the characters would be great. They already feel like they were adapted from an Elmore Leonard novel.


Why not Garth Ennis?


Well, I was going for the original writer for autheticity…Can I be heretical here and say that I don’t think that Garth Ennis is very good at capturing the Southern Irish voice? At least, he couldn’t manage it in Hellblazer. Belfast, spot on. The West of Ireland is different enough that it could be another planet.


I would love there to have been a comic prequel to Laputa Castle In The Sky


I have to admit that I’m not very knowledgeable about the movies of Miyazaki (although I have seen a couple of Studio Ghibli films). I haven’t heard of this one before, but it sounds really interesting.

I am definitely going to check it out. Thanks.


The world of HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE (based on the novels of Diana Wynne, I think) would make for an excellent comic book series. PRINCESS MONONOKE and SPIRITED AWAY as well, but those are much more self-contained stories.


Mutt Jones: The Journeys of the Crystal Skull

Follow the adventures of fan-favourtite Mutt from after the events of Kingdom of Crystal Skull. When old-man Indiana hears of a second Crystal Skull, Mutt races across continents to discover it before the G-Men can! And what he discovers is beyond worlds! Literally! Hold-on-to-your-space-hats and prepare yourself for the sci-fiest, alien-ray-gun-iest adventure in the history of Archaelogy!

The Phantom Menace 2: Jar-Jar Wars.
You asked for it and now you have it! Finally a Star Wars Continuity that you can be proud of with a story that resets the -ahem- oft-criticised events of Episodes ii-vi and leaves off where the universally acclaimed Episode 1 finished. Follow Jar-Jar and pals Ani and Ami as they try to work out who stole the Ewoks! … And why? From Superstar creators M.Night Shymalan and George Lucas.