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Movies that are better than the book


I thought this was an interesting idea to pursue separately, what movies are better than the source material? We can include comics as well.

While a fan of it (and I read it before the film was even announced) I think Trainspotting is probably better than the book which is a bit uneven because some short stories are cut and pasted into it. The way they added more humour while still confronting the horrors of the subject matter was a fantastic balancing act.

I think Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is better than the book, it’s much better paced as the book frustrated with spending too long camping in the woods and not getting to the big climax of the series.


Fight Club - Overall, much better than the book. I especially like the movie’s ending.



(Ok, seriously, it’s a terribly flawed movie and not a patch on the comic, for the most part, but I really think Ozymandias framing Dr Manhattan for disasters makes more sense than the giant space monster thing.)

They’re fairly different beasts and both very good, but I prefer the movie of The Princess Bride to the book. The framing sequence with Savage and Falk adds so much and the story is improved by being stream-lined for the film.


And now to make my quotas:


I liked the tone of the book more, and felt that Tyler and Narrator’s dynamic had a nicer and more even subtext to it.
But the movie is just great adrenaline.


Those are interesting but a little deceptive as in most cases the authors say they prefer certain choices rather than the entire work. Something we should probably be used to with clickbait headlines though.

The Kirkman one opens another question because he’s sat in the writers room and writing episodes so in many respects he’s getting a stab at a second draft of his work.


Going a little bit old school - Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein directed by James Whale are both a lot more fun than the Mary Shelly novel (which is not a bad book). I particularly love Bride. It is such a weird movie.

I would make a pretty strong case for L.A. Confidential as well. The book is a bit sprawling and contrived in places. The movie is a lot tighter.


A History of Violence is the one I always think of. Took the best parts of the book, got rid of everything else.

Drive is much better than the novel.


Matthew McConaughey’s masterpiece: Sahara


Blade Runner


I’m not sure that I would agree that Blade Runner is better than the book. The book and the film are very different. They are both good, but the movie goes in it’s own directions.

And there are like 5 different cuts of the film…if that’s not a mark of quality, I don’t know what is. :wink:


Jurassic Park

Brokeback Mountain!


Yes! There are some interesting ideas that I’d take and blend into the movie, but it’s a fairly different beast.

I’d say that Kick-Ass was better than the comic. Not so sure about 2 though, or Kingsman.

The Iron Giant for sure, though the book is charming in its own right.

Also Sin City, but not Sin City 2.


I’m fairly sure you know the real reason behind the different cuts. I agree the book is great and very different but the film is better, one of the best works of sci-fi ever. So, booooo :stuck_out_tongue:

Shutter Island is maybe another example although the book is great too. It’s obviously much easier to answer the question the other way round.


I’m going to put this out there and expect to be shot down for heresy- Casino Royale (Daniel Craig version) .

Bond is quite unpleasant in the book. And I hate how Fleming treats Vesper. The book is also quite slight.

I loved the slightly rougher around the edges, chip on his shoulder, embryonic James Bond in the movie. It also gives you a moment of tenderness in a Bond movie. And I love the movie opening leading up to the gun barrel shot.


Hmm, I really like both.
It’s strange that they changed it so much, with only half of the film following the plot of the book, and deciding to make it an origin for some reason. Craigis absolutely magnetic though.

I think you’ll only be shot down if you say the other Casino Royale is better than the book. :wink:


It does have three James Bond’s in it…but even I can make a case for it being better than the book. I’m not sure I can make a case for it as a film either. I haven’t seen it since I was a child, so I might be judging it too harshly. I don’t remember it making any sense.


This is an area where I can’t buy the word “better”. “Preferred”, maybe.


I suggest a new thread titled:

“Miqque’s posts that are better than the book”



If you went with “Miqque’s posts that are longer than the book” you couldn’t lose.