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Movies of the 1990's


Jim Carrey was another star whose films dominated the 90’s


Other movies that had that 90’s feeling were BOTTLE ROCKET, SWINGERS, GO and OFFICE SPACE.


The Mask I feel I could watch it hundred tumes. Carrey and the dog - splendid!


I just realized I didn’t include the Fifth Element! Easily top 5 movie of the 90’s. It was a Ragranok before Ragranok, Guardians before Guardians. Truly wonderful creativity gone wild.


Gary Oldman apparently can’t bear his performance in The Fifth Element which is bizarre since Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg is easily one of the best villains of science fiction. Even his name beats 90% of all of Marvel and Harry Potter’s villains combined.

He’s essentially the evil twin of Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Of course, Oldman doesn’t think much of his Sid Vicious performance either.


Fifth Element is pretty great. Meat popsicles, anyone?


What surprises me is that they got away with PG-13, when Chris Tucker performs oral sex to stewardess.


Ten of my favourite 90s movies in no particular order:

  1. Wild at Heart - This was Lynch at his peak, and my most rewatched movie when I was like seventeen-eighteen. Mindblowing.

  2. Dead Man - Kind of a close one between this and Nigh on Earth, but in the end, this is 90s Jarmusch movie I like better. The western as a delirious dream.

  3. Naked - Jonny is highly intelligent, funny, passionate, but also self-destructive and full of rage against the world. His journey through a night in London is fascinating to follow, and Thewlis’ performance is incredible. I love this movie so much.

  4. Fight Club - Yes indeed. I think this movie is funnier and cleverer than many people realise, and the thing I love most about it - besides the formal experiments - is how effortlessly it uses a voice-over narration that is quite enthralling.

  5. Pulp Fiction - Bit torn once again, as in many ways, I liked Reservoir Dogs better. But still, watching Pulp Fiction for the first time was mindblowing and it’s maybe the most important movie of the nineties.

  6. Silence of the Lambs - Say what you will, but the image of Anthony Hopkins in that cage was absolutely iconic. It was a thoroughly well-made, fascinating movie and one of the best viewing experiences in the nineties.

  7. Trainspotting - Another movie that was mindblowing. Man, the nineties really showed us some stuff we hadn’t seen before.

  8. Fargo - Beating the Big Lebowski and Barton Fink by a hair for the movies when th Coens really became the Coens.

  9. Starship Troopers - Works too perfectly both as a sci-fi action movie and a satire. I wish there were more movies like this. Hell, I wish there was even one.

  10. Europa - I couldn’t stop rewatching this movie back then. von Trier’s expressionist analogy of a good man trying to understand a desolate and morally corrupt post-war Germany was an incredible exercise in formalist film-making and the complete opposite of the dogma movement he started next. Beautiful movie.

Man, it feels like I haven’t even started here… the nineties were a time in which I was at the cinema almost every day, and watching a lot of movies video and DVD, too. I haven’t even thought about personal favourites in B-movies or horror yet… Still, I’ll leave it at this list for now.


ZENTROPA was also one of his films that stuck with me.

SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE was another 90’s film that stood apart.

Would NIGHTBREED be considered an 80’s or 90’s horror film? It was one of those that didn’t fit entirely in horror or fantasy. A real example of the emergence of “weird fiction” back into the mainstream. I think it influenced the approach X-MEN, THE PROPHECY and THE MATRIX would later take. Though 1981’s SCANNERS had a lot of the same qualities.


Would it be considered as 80s film? Made and released in 1989.


Nightbreed was released in 1990, and yeah, that’s definitely a personal favourite.

Crap. Come to think of it, I’ll scrub “Silence of the Lambs” and put “Nightbreed” on the list instead. I think there still hasn’t been a movie like it again. It is the one time that Barker really managed to translate his particular kind of urban fantasy to the screen (“Lord of Illusions” was another one that came close, but it was more conservative in its storytelling).

Speaking of The Prophecy, by the way - another particularly great 90s movie from the fantasy/horror genre - I always liked the original title, God’s Army, better. With that movie, you can see that Gregory Widen really knows how to write fantasy; he also wrote the screenplay for Highlander back in the day. It’s a shame that God’s Army was the only movie he ever directed, and that he hasn’t written another screenplay since. I suppose a small oevere is what you get when you already get rich with your first piece of work :slight_smile: