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Movies of the 1990's


Pftt, I don’t know…

A Few Good Men
The Lion King
South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
Galaxy Quest
The Matrix
Toy Story
Groundhog Day
Uncle Buck
The Muppets’ Christmas Carol


American Beauty’s a good one, I should have had that on my list. And Robin Hood still holds up as good fun, so I guess that too.


I seem to have forgotten Fire Walk With Me :scream:


That one is a bit like Fight Club for me. As I get older and further away from it, it really feels like a horrible, horrible film telling teens and early 20 somethings awful things.


I watched it as a late-30s something, so I always thought it was a horrible film :smiley: . But a very powerful drama with engrossing characters.

But I didn’t think it was “telling me” awful things, it was just presenting awful things to me and letting me take from them what I would. Maybe I took all the wrong things and would have taken different things if I was 20 years younger, I don’t know.


I went to school and was in the army with Mena Suvari’s brothers. One of them is my classmate and went to the officer basic course together. He was really excited for her when this movie came out, less so when he found out she is topless in the movie. :smiley:


Oh, yes. I always loved the movie even though it seems like it went over almost everyone’s head. Most viewers and critics didn’t seem to get that it was satire, and thought it was trying to be Aliens.

Of course the real brilliance is how it satirized the War on Terror and cable news propaganda almost five years before it happened.


01/ The Big Lebowski

02/ Groundhog Day

03/ The Matrix

04/ Jurassic Park

05/ Shawshank Redemption

06/ Toy Story

07/ Fargo

08/ Terminator 2: Judgement Day

09/ Goodfellas

10/ Speed

I’d probably have put some other films on there but I still can’t be arsed with anything involving Kevin Spacey.

It’s hard to get a general perspective on the ‘90s so far as movies are concerned. They seemed to start out sticking to the fun, confident movies of the ‘80s but in an ever-more contrived, studio-noted, multiplex-friendly manner. Then came a new batch of hot young filmmakers that shook things up in the middle of the decade. By the turn of the century there was an odd mixture of the two as well as a return to more old-school epics. Then, of course, we get into the era of superheroes and DVDs and broadband changing everything again.


Wait. Where’s your #1?


I assume it’s Groundhog Day :wink:


It’s there now, dude :slight_smile:


Somebody really should have posted

.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day
.1. Groundhog Day


You should see the musical. :wink:


I’ve seen it many times. :wink:


The Groundhog Day Broadway musical?

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. Being John Malkovich
  4. South Park (I have never laughed harder in my life.)
  5. Fargo
  6. T2 (blew my mind as a kid.)
  7. The Rock (“Losers go home and whine about how they did their best. Winners fuck the prom queen.”)
  8. The Big Lebowski
  9. American Beauty (The first film I ever watched with an eye towards art. Turned me into a true film fan.)
  10. The Matrix. (Seen it over 20 times, easily. Three way tie for my favorite movie all time.)


We can’t forget Nic Cage. He’s like the anti Tom Hanks as far as the 90’s. You couldn’t turn around without getting kicked in the nuts by Cage.

THE ROCK (why aren’t there more Michael Bay movies here?)
WILD AT HEART (why aren’t they more David Lynch movies here?)
FACE OFF (Why aren’t there more John Woo movies here?)
KISS OF DEATH (Why aren’t there more David Caruso movies here?)
SNAKE EYES (Why aren’t there more Brian De Palma moves here?)
CITY OF ANGELS (Why aren’t there more Wim Wenders movies here?)

Other unmentioned - unless someone mentioned them, am I supposed to read all of your blatherings?! -
INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE (Why aren’t there more Neil Jordan movies here)

Surely someone mentioned BOOGIE NIGHTS and SAFE, right? Come on, ye wankers!


I didn’t have ten, so I’ll add Boogie Nights.

And for another De Palma film let’s go Carlito’s Way.


I believe I named Hard Boiled and Broken Arrow. Hard Boiled is masterpiece for action films, despite numerous flaws.

And Bad Boys. My first touch with Michael Bay. Explosive, flamboyant and vastly idiosyncratic (as every Michael Bay film).


Lots of excellent choices and I would have many of your selections on my list. Lorcan, your story about Mark and Alien$ really made me smile. Freakin’ brilliant!

From this decade, one that represents a final threshold where cartoons were still good, there are five films (and the show Six Feet Under) of the 1990s, in addition to other decades, that I study religiously every single time when I start writing a big project since the writing just socks me out on all of 'em:

American Beauty, Boogie Nights, Eyes Wide Shut, Fight Club and my favorite film of the decade, the devastatingly beautiful Virgin Suicides, which breaks my heart over and over again.