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Movies of the 1990's


Because Kubrick wouldn’t allow them to use stage lighting. The cinematographer had find a way to work around Kubrick’s demands.


Well that is their job.


A.I. Artificial Intelligence

—runs out of the room—

(But seriously!)


I really like AI. It would be close too, I don’t agree with the common consensus that Spielberg made it too saccharine at the end, it’s actually really tragic in my reading.

I think it was a popular accusation at the time, funnily enough they interviewed him on the Radio 5 film show last week and Mark Kermode admitted he jumped to that conclusion too often with Spielberg films and has reassessed.


We can save AI for the 2000s thread. :slight_smile:


Huh you people and your ‘calendars’! :smile:


Andrew would probably allow it.


I am agreeing with Gareth on divisive subjects far too much on this thread, quick let’s get to the 2010s so I can list Dawn of Justice.


Yeah that is a step too far, although I did like it better than BvS. :smile:


I love A.I.. It’s a great Jude Law movie, the Robin Williams bit is great (I love referencing and/or mentioning it, if you’ve got to know), and it’s Haley Joel Osment’s best role outside of Sixth Sense. And actually, the fact that it was received so divisively probably robbed us of many other interesting Osment roles.


That reminds me of the story the Wachowskis have about pitching Bound to Dino DeLaurentis.

‘So there’s this one woman who’s a cat burglar, and she gets out of prison and meets a gangster’s moll’
‘Hold on, I got two questions. This first woman, is she a lesbian?’
‘Uhh, yeah.’
‘And this second woman, is she a lesbian?’
‘great, we’re making a movie’


God, I hate you.

But then, I love you for putting Naked into this. Everything evens out in the end.


Eyes Wide Shut is okay, decent movie. My interests lie in Clockwork Orange, 2001, and The Shining. But, both Ronny and garjones are right. Kubrick was detail obsessed megalomaniac, whose movies are mystery even today. Being going over the budget and having half of the actors want to kill him, so what? How many others did that too; or worse? I believe Ridley Scott even falls into that league. Kubrick, and Kirk Douglas wisely called him - talented shit. My point is, you can be a douche of a guy and tremendious artist.

Now, to back on topic. One thing the 90s are going tpb be remember - is the re-rise of big indie, indepedent films, after notorious Heaven’s Gate, putting acclaimed auteur films from the 70s to halt.


Was Kubrick put those people in black robes to mask the more explicit shots during the orgy sequence or it was the studio who did it?


The studio obscured some shots so they could get an R rating and not the commercial kiss of death NC-17. That was only in the US though, the scenes without the additional figures obscuring were shown the Europe so I have never see that censored version.

The admission rules in the UK at least are tougher, you must be over 18, but the flip side of that is they allow a lot more to be shown.


I think there is on youtube a censored version of the sequence, but not sure.

Yeah, I found out that some movies carry out 18 certificate (like those from video nasties list), in their uncut form, like Lucio Fulci’s Zombie.


Shit…can’t believe I missed this off my list


What if I have neither?

Decent list though.


Matrix… everything else pales by comparaison…

But just for participation’s sake (in no particular order):

Speed - One of the best balls-to-the-wall action movies ever.
The Mask of Zorro - Banderas at his best… and the movie is a classic.
Interview with a Vampire - Cruise, Pitt, Banderas… yeap…
Dark City - Proto-Matrix and incredible on its own right.
Office Space - one of the best indie flicks.
Ghost in the Shell - the other seminal anime.
Mission Impossible - another big one
American Beauty - yeah a bit overrated, but it’s still a really good flick.
Starship Troopers - VERY underrated.
Saving Private Ryan - Probably the Ultimate WWII flick.

Okay that’s 10… I tried to stay away from the more popular (and obvious) on the thread so far, like Fightclub, Seven, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, etc… But there are A LOT of other notable entries in here, like Bound, the 5th Element, Robin Hood, The Mask, Something about Mary, and many more…

A top 10 is kinda madness though… too many good flicks… but it’d be waaaaaaaaaay worse for the 2000’s… even a top 50 would be tough =/


Then you’re 50% correct.