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Movies of the 1990's

  1. The Big Lebowski
  2. The Matrix
  3. Pulp Fiction
  4. Heavenly Creatures
  5. Being John Malkovich
  6. Fargo
  7. Silence of the Lambs
  8. Fist of Legend
  9. Goodfellas
  10. Fight Club

edit: oh damn, forgot The Professional


Dances With Wolves
Malcolm X
Schindler’s List
Pulp Fiction
The Shawshank Redemption
Forrest Gump
Toy Story
Star Trek: First Contact
Looking for Richard
The Truman Show
American History X
The Mask of Zorro
What Dreams May Come
Out of Sight
Man on the Moon
The Matrix
The Phantom Menace
Office Space
The Sixth Sense
Galaxy Quest


Pulp Fiction
Scream (restarted horror movies)
The Matrix
The Crow (best soundtrack album ever)
Big Lebowski
Silence of the Lambs
Fight Club
American Pie (restarted raunchy sex comedy genre)
Blair Witch Project
Dazed and Confused
The Phantom Menace (restarted Star Wars and the blockbuster genre era of the 21st century)
El Mariachi
Eyes Wide Shut


Well. Let´s see.

In no order, before the first.

1- The Disney Renaissanse… The whole Pack. Unbeatable as far as my Childhood goes.
2- Pulp Fiction. Dialogue driven Tarantino at his finest… until Hans Landa.
3- The Truman Show. More relevant than ever.
4- The Matrix. C´mon, the ripples of this can still be felt today.
5- Robocop 2. The closest i´ve ever get as a achild to ultraviolence.
6- The Sixth Sense. Remember when we all leave the theatre ith our jaws open? I do.
7- The Shawshank Redemption. King and Darabont. A match made in Heaven… for a while.
8- Heavenly Creatures. The Darkest Peter Jackson.
9- Rushmore. I only see it a couple of days ago, but it deserves to be here without a question.
10- The Usual Suspects. Quite the presentation for Brian Singer.

I´m waiting for the 2000 movies post… i have many that got lesft out for being made in 2000.


Let’s see I’ve got:

Boogie Nights- one of the most rewatchable movies ever.
Con Air- maybe my favorite bad movie ever
Dazed and Confused- pretty much perfect high school film, came out shortly after I graduated high school.
Eyes Wide Shut- I’d say the best Kubrick
Fargo- Not sure if it’s the Coens’ best moment but it’s tight and revealing of human nature in always engaging ways.
Good Will Hunting- Despite some tough competition, the best Boston movie ever, and one of my all-time favorite scripts. I feel like this movie has been taken for granted or dismissed as cheesy as Ben/Matt blew up.
Goodfellas- This was my favorite movie for a very long time, I think my friends and I had it memorized front to back
The Player- Altman’s big comeback, and just a terrific film full of little jokes
Total Recall- What the hell, I’ll go with one more popcorn flick

One thing I noticed with thinking about the 90s movies is how freaking good and innovative the scripts are. In addition to some of the ones I mentioned I could easily add that Pulp Fiction, Unforgiven, Fight Club, Quiz Show, Metropolitan, Trainspotting, Terminator 2, Scream, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Rushmore, the Matrix, Glengarry Glen Ross, Groundhog Day, There’s Something About Mary, Sixth Sense, Toy Story 2 and Being John Malkovich are among my favorite screenplays ever. I wonder if this is just the last era when people would write screenplays as a creative get-rich-quick idea before that became developing an app or website.


We’ll find out when we do this for the 2000’s. One of the most interesting aspects is identifying the differences in the decades.


To me, 2000s are the years where superhero movies really took off. Not that they werent existing before, but with the X-Men, it all went massive. Ofcourse, with vary success.

And when I look back, 90s truly have many good movies, on which I forgot, probably because I am too much into 70s and 80s.


Glad to see Silence of the Lambs show up here; it really doesn’t get mentioned enough. Pretty much a perfect film.

Goodfellas (though I tried to include it in the 80s list) - it’s a mob film but that’s giving it short shrift - it’s an exhilarating near-documentary dive into a whole other world. A film like this wouldn’t work if you hated the characters, so it quickly makes you empathise and sympathise with Henry at least. He’s a poor kid, with a rough dad who sees the chance for a better life and takes it.

Casino - spiritual sequel to Goodfellas, some days I prefer this one even though I have no love of Vegas or gambling. A much more sympathetic protagonist than Goodfellas’ too.

Heat - sometimes my favourite film of all time, two of the best Hollywood actors doing what they do best. Shot beautifully. A dozen storylines packed in to the film, you could retell the story over a season of television.

Con-Air - it’s tough choosing which I prefer out of this and the next one. Cage is pretty understated in this, so it loses some points, but the ensemble is great so it’s back up there.

Face/Off - super stylish, very silly (but no sillier than the average superhero plot), here we get some crazy Cage to make up for Con-Air.

Sesevenen - stylish, moody, pretty much perfect - one of those films I’m likely to stick with to the end if I’m flicking around channels and come across it.

One that’s missing so far that again I think gets overlooked - The Fugitive! I bet some of you will want to add it to your lists. I challenge you to come across it and not sit and watch to the end.


I was getting ready to like your post for some interesting choices. Then, I saw this 3 hour soft porno in poor focus on your list and decided against it. :wink:


It wasn’t in poor focus when I watched it.

Did your specs steam up or was something else going on that’s known to impair eyesight? :wink:


Harder than the 70s, but possibly not for the reasons you’re thinking. I’m really struggling to think of 10 truly memorable movies of the 90s. Couldn’t you do the 60s instead? :confused:

The Matrix
Apollo 13
Shawshank Redemption
Terminator 2
The Sixth Sense
Home Alone (assuming we’re counting 1990)
The Truman Show
Dazed and Confused

Ok, I really can’t manage 10. And a couple of those 8 are only in there to pad out the numbers as it is. I’ll read everybody else’s posts and see if they jog my memory…


Kubrick purposefully plays with focus through a lot of the film. Some places it feels like he almost goes as far as the old Vaseline on the lens trick. It was maddening.


I was joking of course but while I could never really get into the story of Eyes Wide Shut it’s an incredibly well made film. The mood, imagery and music stick with me in a way very few films manage.

The man was a genius.


I think Eyes Wide Shut is ok, but there are several other Kubrick films I’d choose to watch instead of that one.


I think “was” is the optimal word here even before he passed. Eyes Wide Shut was made at a time that Kubrick had bought too far into his own mythos and no one was telling him things were a bad idea.

The production and filming were a mess. It still holds the record for longest constant film shoot at over 15 months which includes an unbroken period of 46 weeks. There is even a debate over whether Kubrick had actually finished cutting the film before he passed.


In all honesty Barry Lyndon is my favorite Kubrick film. Eyes Wide Shut is a close second though. Just a brilliantly structured dream of a film.


It was also 12 years since his previous film. Who cares? Just like the tales of James Cameron’s films going hopelessly behind schedule, hugely over budget and half the actors hating him.

We won’t agree on this one but to me the end result is all that matters and while it didn’t make my list because it’s one of my least favourite Kubrick films it was bubbling just under as that sets a high bar. It’s not unusual though that Robert and I are a bit less plot focused than most, it’s the dreamlike/nightmare quality that resonates.


IIRC, a lot of it is filmed using only Christmas lights for the lighting which adds to the dreamlike nature and also the soft focus Ronnie was complaining about.


Everyone who has Fight Club and not Toy Story is sending a huge signal that you have poor taste in movies.

Toy Story
Saving Private Ryan
The Matrix
Pulp Fiction
The Big Lebowski
The Usual Suspects
Silence of the Lambs
Good Will Hunting


yup everything Jim said but adding

Jurrasic Park- First use of seamless CGI which still holds up well today.

Blade- Zero expectations, 100% thrill ride. “Why aren’t they making more comic book movies again?” moment for me.