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Movies 2016 - Millar's Mid-Term Report


A funny old year for the pictures, my friend, a creative low not seen since 2007 and possibly worse, BUT always remember that terrible year was followed by the mega-fun 2008 and all those Pirates sequels were consigned to the trashcan of our collective consciousnesses.

This year I think it’ll be a struggle to get to a Top 10 at the end of the year (as happened last year too) and the creative beauty of 2014 seems so very far away, especially in comic movie terms. I say this as a guy who goes to the cinema 1-2 times per week so I kinda see everything and even THEN I’m struggling.


The Jungle Book
Star Trek Beyond
10 Cloverfield Lane
The Nice Guys
Midnight Special
The Shallows (only 3.5 stars, but it’s been such a poor year this is getting in there)


Suicide Squad
Independence Day Resurgence (so bad I forced myself to sleep for 10 mins)
Finding Dory (Face it, friends. Pixar has made 1 good movie since 2007)
Batman Vs Superman
Ghostbusters (I wanted to love as I hate the haters, but I just didn’t laugh even once)
Secret Life of Pets (trailer was awesome, the rest a generic SEARCH FOR MISSING FRIEND)

Alice, Tarzan, Allegiant, etc, all very lucky to miss this bottom seven, but none luckier than Hail Caesar, which was such a great concept for a movie, but the most disjointed, self-indulgent drivel. I think the Coens are INCREDIBLY hit and miss, but this was their worst ever I think.

In terms of what almost made it in Top 7, X-Men is only just under and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than others here. I loved that it felt complete and like a movie, which hurts the Marvel stuff right now. Civil War I barely stayed awake through, that same feeling of a movie that’s essentially an ad for their next 10 movies and I can’t remember how it ended, except it was all a bit miserable. Ben-Hur not opened here yet and I’m a huge Timjur fan so expect to enjoy. Don’t Breathe I can’t wait for. I loved that trailer. REALLY loved it.

I’m pleased we’re coming into Autumn because there’s a few good horrors coming up too. Lights out looks great!

What’s your thoughts on 2016 so far?



Was very impressed with David Brent. It was the emotional moments in the movie that made it for me. Who’d have thought this would be more uplifting than most of the comic book movies this year.

X-Men done in two minutes what X-Men origins couldn’t over a whole movie, gave us the Weapon X moment Wolverine needed. As a fan of the Barry Windsor-Smith graphic novel I was very pleased.

Bourne was great. A lot of similarities to the other three but the action scenes put Bond to shame. One of the best car chases i’ve seen.

But a real hidden treasure was Bone Tomahawk. Extremely violent but a very good character driven Western/horror with Kurt Russel. Not sure if H8ful Eight counts as this year but that’s up there in faves this year.

But still find it hard to pick my top ten. Looking forward to Hunt For the Wilderpeople, War on Everyone and Hell or High Water.


Generally we count it, all that Oscar bait only gets small releases in the US before the end of the year, so 95% of the people who watch it actually see it in this year even if its official IMDB release date is 2015.

Otherwise they tend to end up in a limbo of never counting as people do their end of year reviews in December.

As to the movies. I’ve just seen mostly kids fare at the cinema due to my 2 lovable munchkins. I agree with Mark on Zootopia and The Jungle Book, both excellent. I thought Finding Dory was just ‘okay’ and quite forgettable.

I think the only ‘adult’ film I’ve seen is Cap 3 which I enjoyed a lot, although it had its faults (with the villain again, they’ve only really gotten Loki right) that big fight scene was tons of fun and quite inventive and worth my entry free alone.


No Deadpool? That’s easily still at the top for me this year.


I couldn’t agree more. Once it ended I was like, is that it?

If I had to do a top seven right now, it would be:

Green Room
The Neon Demon
Star Trek Beyond
Jason Bourne
The Nice Guys
X-Men Apocalypse

I’m personally not counting The Hateful Eight, but if I did it would be up there for sure.


For anyone potentially confused Zootopia had some trademark issue in the UK so was called Zootropolis, it’s the same film.

(Like they had to name ‘Avengers’ as ‘Avengers Assemble’ there because the original trademark was with the Patrick McNee TV show or how Burger King is called Hungry Jack’s in Australia). :smile:


I had no idea Australia didn’t recognise the sovereignty of the King!


Of course they do, King Jack is just a bit more informal over there.


The David Brent movie is uplifting? That’s disappointing.


Oh man, I LOVED Hail Caesar. Loved it.

Swiss Army Man for me.

The Documentary OJ: MADE IN AMERICA was phenomenal. Truly excellent.

Was the Lobster this year? If so, that.


I haven’t seen a “great” film this year, but some good ones;

‘Deadpool’ was almost great, very much a fun movie with suprising amount of heart.

‘Conjuring 2’ was less effective than the first one, and I still find the protagonists too good to be credible, even within the context of the film, but James Wan is a very skilled director. He builds atmosphere and tension better than anyone.

‘Jungle Book’ was a very good family film. Dramatic enough to keep adults interested but no too scary for the kids. Incredibly well made too.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ was great fun and a fine action adventure. I’ll be buying the blu-ray of that.

‘Zootopia’ was good, not a classic IMHO but well made, funny and a decent message.

‘Civil War’ was fine, I enjoyed a lot of it, but it was a bit too simplistic and the plot was the least of it’s virtues.

‘Suicide Squad’ was better than i feared, but not as good as I hoped. I still enjoyed it though.

Add me to the list that enjoyed ‘Hail Caesar’ too. Light as a feather but fun for a film fan.

Same goes for ‘The Nice Guys’. Not a plot driven movie, just an excuse to hang around with quirky people and explore a period world (in the case the 70’s not the 50’s). I liked it.

‘Warcraft’ was ok, but the orcs were far more interesting than the humans. ‘Independence Day 2’ was ok, but felt by the numbers “just make it all bigger!” sequel making. ‘Tarzan’ had some moments, but felt smaller and cheaper than it was. ‘Batman vs Superman’ was partly saved by Batman and Wonder Woman, but it’s still not my Superman (although I like Cavill’s performance).

I’ve missed a lot of films, ‘Midnight Special’ and ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ are top of my “to see” list.


It’s odd that The Shallows only opened this week and Lights Out and Don’t Breathe haven’t opened in the UK yet. I didn’t know horror films were staggered like that with their releases.

I’m hoping to sneak off to Don’t Breathe this afternoon.


I haven’t gotten to BvS or Suicide Squad, so the only big films I’ve seen this year that I really disliked were X-Men: Apocalypse and Now You See Me 2.

Apocalypse had some good moments, but could have been so much better.

Now You See Me 2 is just awful. Smug, convoluted, and boring. I liked the first one okay, but I’m not sure why now.

It also has a scene where I think Jesse Eisenberg lets his enemies know he has won by giving them a large container filled with urine, which is a really weird thing to happen twice in a year.


I think it’s less horror films and more mid-low budget films.

The big guys just release everywhere within the same week or two. Kids films, especially Disney, tend to stagger around holidays to get good matinee attendances. The lower tier stuff seems to play a more tactical game of the best weekend they can find to make an impact.


Light’s Out’s out; I saw it last week. It’s pretty good, as horror movies go.

Don’t Breathe, Hell or High Water, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Captain Fantastic are all out next week, all of which I want to see.


Hell or High Water = more Chris Pine goodness.


Apparently he now insists on that in all his scripts.


Will we be able to understand Jeff Bridges though? Somebody should report back in time for me to book a subtitled screening if necessary.


I don’t even get the chance to go to the movies 10 times a year right now. Having read about the movies I’m not sure if any deserve to be in a top spot for the year. It feels like most films have missed the mark and audiences are unsatisfied. And yet:

Here’s how Rotten Tomators have them ranked this year so far:

  1. 98% Zootopia (2016) 220
  2. 95% The Jungle Book (2016) 255
  3. 99% Love & Friendship (2016) 153
  4. 99% Hell or High Water (2016) 136
  5. 99% Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) 126
  6. 94% Finding Dory (2016) 245
  7. 97% Sing Street (2016) 151
  8. 90% Captain America: Civil War (2016) 321
  9. 98% Embrace Of The Serpent (El Abrazo De La Serpiente) (2016) 118
  10. 99% Don’t Think Twice (2016) 93

And here’s the top 10 by global box office.

1 Captain America: Civil War BV $1,152.4
2 Zootopia BV $1,023.2
3 The Jungle Book (2016) BV $961.2
4 Finding Dory BV $930.8
5 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice WB $872.7
6 Deadpool Fox $782.6
7 The Secret Life of Pets Uni. $724.9
8 Suicide Squad WB $636.7
9 The Mermaid (Mei ren yu) Sony $553.8
10 X-Men: Apocalypse Fox $544.6

Globally there’s fewer billion dollar movies and it feels like it’s a piss poor year, yet sales are up and ticket sales are up ($7.9 billion vs $7.5 in 2015 vs $7.1 in 2014, 916 million tickets sold vs 892 in 2015 and 869 in 2014). Which suggests the movie industry is going from strength to strength even with what feels like poor products. Superheroes and kids movies continue to dominate revenues - shocking lack of other adaptations and original properties this year. Half are original franchises which is great to see. And a Chinese movie made half a billion dollars (by the great Stephen Chow so it’s not a shock - my insistence that joy/fun is the key economic driver for movie success).


Okay I may have a solution here for you @Mark_Millar
Take a breath.
Open you calander.
Book in this date.
16 September 2016

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is finally being released in the UK.

Directed by Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok/ Team Thor )

And starring Sam freaking Neil

It’s certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes 99% by Critics

Yes it’s a New Zealand Film and Yes I’m completley biased but hey it may cheer you up :slight_smile:

anyone out there seen it yet?

Tickets here :stuck_out_tongue:
Glasgow Film Theatre Tickets Hunt for the Wilderpeople