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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah. Nooooooooooobody knew about it.

Busy listening to Kanye, I guess.


Just announced today:




Yup, Brooks announced that it was going into production today.


Aren’t most of the cast dead/retired?




Do you know who I actually think would make a great Force Awakens spoof tho’…


I can’t believe this is being remade. Especially since it looks like it’s almost a shot for shot remake with only some minor tweaks.


Well that looks pointless. The original is actually a good little horror film. There’s certainly no need for a remake.


It was good, but the plot was a bit clunky. I’ll watch a remake if they tidy everything up a bit.


If I remember correctly, they’re using the same script as the original.


Kung Fury meets the Internet in a blender powered by Shia LeBeefs insanity.



Yeah I posted that over in the Video Thread. It’s mental.


It’s a really good concept to steal, though, so kudos.


That’s crazy.

I am not such a great Spaceballs fan, but my son will flip.


Didn’t see that post, thanks for the heads up though! :slight_smile:



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