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That looks really good.


A lot of its aesthetics reminds me of Dave Made A Maze in an odd way. Which was a pretty good attempt at making an adventure movie despite some dragging and ponderous indie movie pitfalls.

Still a fine time and I hope the same/better for this.


Reminds me a bit of Dope and The Get Down.


Definitely that as well. I was focused more on the playful hyper-reality of the ornaments and scene transitions.

Man, I miss The Get Down.


io9 wasn’t nearly as positive.


Britt Hayes at Screencrush didn’t like it either:

I’m intrigued enough that I’ll check it out at least. I’ve seen every other Spielberg movie, no point in stopping now.


Sunk cost fallacy!





Paradox looks strange but with Neil Young along with Willie, Lukas and Micah Nelson I might have to give it a watch.


It will also be available on PONO.


Hahaha. Is the PONO still around?

I threw a buck in on Kickstarter back when it first came out. Kickstarters that make pricey, highly technical manufactured products tend to be a gamble. So I wanted to see how it went before I bought one. What I observed after the fact didn’t seem very positive. So I never regretted not investing more.


I have no idea if it’s still around (I would bet it is), but I associate it with Neil. Also have a buddy who was a big fan of Zune.


Me too. He was definitely their brand ambassador at the very least. I think he might have personally invested in it as well.


PS - Wiki says it was discontinued April 2017. RIP.


Yeah, that looks very, very, very good. Hope it gets a theatrical release here in Germany…


Yeah, there’s no distributor over here yet either.


Indie movie by a director who doesn’t have a name, and one that feels very America-specific in its themes. Maybe it can pick up an award or two, that might help. I’d really like to see that one in a theatre.


Isn’t that every film he’s made since Devil’s Rejects?