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I had Mackenzie Crook in my head while reading that, and my head was screaming WHAAAAT???

I mean, it would be a bold choice for a new Termnator, but… :confused:



I’m still not convinced this will happen, but okay.



He’s a good choice. And doing a series of movies based on the first couple of Bloodshot and Harbinger arcs is a good way to kick off Valiant-based movies.

Also, good chance we get HARD Corps in the Harbinger Wars movie. And quite frankly, even the suggestion of a HARD Corps movie has given me such a raging erection that going to work today is now going to be highly embarassing.


Can’t even do “phrasing” after that post.


I’ll allow it


Wow. A seven-figure deal for a dead franchise that was crap in the first place.

Well done, Netflix.


Netflix don’t read comics. They’re not fans. They look at market potential on their platform.

Someone has pitched a way to make those characters part of how Netflix gets, and keeps, subscribers.


Franchises that have never been launched in TV or film. These have huge potential to be big, bombastic and slightly adult in a similar style that has made Deadpool so popular. I think it’s a canny move on Netflix’s part. I just hope it doesn’t interfere with any of the Millarworld property development.


I don’t think Netflix has the rights to many of the existing Millarworld properties. Mark’s job is more towards creating new properties for them.


A little of column A, a little of column B. :wink:





Death Note made Lakeith Stanfield a favorite of mine. So I’m in.


Reactions to Ready Player One at SXSW seem mostly positive, at least in terms of the film’s spectacle:


That’s a high bar given how much of a ride visually and in terms of set-pieces Valerian was.


All of that read to me like it was shit but they don’t want to openly say that.


Not reading any reviews, I know the book but the film will have made changes, I’d rather not know about until I see it. :grinning: