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And it killed Tron 3!


Isn’t that a good thing?


I’m in. Looking forward to this.


Legacy was a pretty good sequel to the original.

I’d have loved to have seen RAM and Cillian Murphy’s MCP.


Five minutes since watching the Christopher Robin trailer and I’m still managing to supress the rant-to-end-all-rants about that bear.

Aren’t you all impressed with my restraint? :angel:


About the bear?

He looks just like in the storybooks.


Not in my storybooks :expressionless:


His eye color is all wrong!


Quick hit responses:

Ready Player One: The internet has just spent the last 24 hours taking a dump on this movie. I wonder how this will go.

Mary Poppins: I think Emily Blunt is maybe the most attractive actress out there. Are you supposed to be a little bit sexually attracted to Mary Poppins? Yes? Phew.

Christopher Robin: Absolutely the fuck not.



That’s… unexpected?


Oh, bother…


Finally, they’re using their property correctly.
I’m being totally serious.

Hopefully it’s light and fun and not just fanservice with needless drama like their other Live-Action stuff



James Gunn is taking a break from Groot and Rocket to return to horror for a bit (as producer).


He never left. He had the Belko Experiment recently too.


RE: Ready Player 1. I just read the book last week and really liked it. All i care about is seeing the DeLorean back, though…


So, Karl Urban has said that Alex Garland “directed” ‘Dredd’;

At the time the film came out there were rumours of real trouble in post production, and that the studio sided with Garland over Pete Travis, the director.

I’m unclear if that’s what Urban is saying, or if he means that Garland directed the filming as well?

That would be something else entirely.



Are the Starship Troopers armor on this list?
They’re always on these lists.