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This has everything to do with Disney having faith in Solo. Why would anyone compete with that? Fans are complaining, but they currently have a bad track record actually rejecting Disney flicks.



Ahh destroy the demon bear!


The actor voicing Winnie-the-Pooh sounds incredibly like Sterling Halloway. Thank God!


Winds from the east, mist coming in
Like something is brewing, about to begin
Can’t quite put my finger on what lies in store
But I fear what’s to happen, all happened before
Because we’re doing a million remakes a sequels, and then a million more




Toxic nostalgia rubbish. (IMO)


Just awful.


Something seems to have sucked all the creativity out of the Universe.

Wonder what that might be?


Ready Player One seems like a total bomb waiting to happen.



We’ll see. I’m in the mood to enjoy the heck out of ‘Ready Player One’!

But maybe I’m the only one.


I’m still hoping it’s light and airy, and free of attempts of weightiness.


I can’t imagine it being in any way faithful to the book and in any way weighty.


I read the book last month.
It was full of attempts to sound weighty.

…it was also horrible.


The illusion of weight. Like mass plus acceleration.


I just want a nonsensical romp from the movie.

Everything seems to be saying it won’t be that, but I’ll keep on hoping.


Fan Service: The Motion Picture


Ready Player One looks like Tomorrowland without the Disney magic.


To be fair, Tomorrowland was Tomorrowland without the Disney magic.


I’m thinking it will follow in the fine cinematic tradition of Pixels or The Emoji Movie.