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I didn’t realize Londoners didn’t talk like that until I moved to England for University.
I just though they all sounded really stupid. :joy:


You mean they all don’t talk like The Hitcher?
My worldview is shaken.


Don’t be silly, everyone in England speaks like Don Cheadle in Ocean’s 11.


I find Cheadle’s accent odd, but if I heard it in a pub I wouldn’t think it was an American doing a voice, I just wouldn’t be able to place the part of the UK he was from. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It can be two things.


Lin-Manuel Miranda is playing the chimney sweep. So my guess is that it will be a musical.

Edit: What Paul said.


I actually met a Londoner who sounded exactly like him once. I thought she was fucking with us at first but it was really just her accent.


Or she was fucking with you on multiple levels.


Tricky people, you lot are.

Just like tall leprechauns.


Did you just call me English?


Honestly, I assume everyone on this board is, unless specified otherwise. :wink:


That’s literally fighting words


Well, walked into that one. Your call for set-up.


Here’s your weapon:



If we’re going old school and bad taste…sg11


My brother-in-law and I once met an old duffer in a pub in Bushmills (Northern Ireland) who talked to us for half an hour, and we could not understand a single word he said. At first we thought he was having us on, but then the bartender began conversing with him and interpreting for us. In the end, we paid for his pint and got the hell out of there.

To this day, I still wonder if the pair of them were fucking with us.


Interesting to note: After Avengers: Infinity War vacated the first weekend of May, no other studio has replaced it with a wide release.


Fox needs to strike.

Put New Mutants in there.


It actually wouldn’t be a bad weekend to put in some counter-programming and something to capture the sellout overflow.