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Still can’t believe this is actually happening! Surely, some kind of disaster has to strike yet?


Not a hoax! Not a dream!


Part of a campaign in the UK that bought advertising space.

Not to be taken too literally, the Harry Potter cast does not need to be all black, but they do have a very valid point in representation.

Of around 45,000 roles credited to actors in the UK in this period, only 218 were lead roles played by British black actors, which means only 0.5 per cent of all the credited roles were black leads.

That compares to 3.3% in the census or nearly 12% for all ethnic minorities including Asian (which mostly means South Asian descent in the context of the UK rather than East Asian).


I’ll believe it when they start filming.



Which will sweep the Oscars? This or Gambit?


Gambit, obviously.


Wonderful actress, if she takes the job its a strong reason to keep an eye on the film.



Yeah I think this has already been posted somewhere?

They’re going for $1m on Indiegogo. Which is very reasonable for a feature like this.



Alan Moore was right, Mary Poppins is God.


That seemed awful lot like it wanted to be a horror movie trailer.



Is Mary Poppins going to be a musical? I’m assuming not, as they didn’t show any songs in the trailer.


La La Land showed you don’t need songs to be a musical.


I thought La La Land did have songs. Was it just music and dancing?

On reflection, I can’t think of having a single "OH GOD NOT THIS UBIQUITOUS CRAPPY SONG FROM THAT MOVIE AGAIN :angry: " moment since the movie came out.


It had two songs at the very beginning, then the band song which doesn’t really count since it’s at a concert, and is otherwise 80% just dancing.


It stars Lin-Manuel Miranda. Yes, it’s a musical.


I trust his cockney accent is really, really bad? :laughing: