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Oh great. Now Wiseau will get funding for terrible movies for forever because people will ironically watch them.



It’s probably also bad timing that it’s out so close to Altered Carbon, which also uses a lot of Blade Runner imagery.

Well, I’ll keep my expectations down, but I’ll watch it, of course.


It’s alright Ronnie.
I don’t think a lot of people caught the nuances of Alien Nation 2017.


Alien Shadowrun Nation 2017, thank you very much.


Yeah, that actually really bothers me.


The script was written by Sestero.

And hey - it works for Troma.


I’m going to try and watch ‘Mute’ again later.

My first attempt was defeated by being very bored waiting for things to get going.

It feels like the first 20 minutes should be a title card and 5 mins of quick catchup.


It seemed to me that the movie should have been a four part miniseries. It is very tiring, but I felt it hits a good mood halfway in.


I suspect that what’s happening to Jones is exactly the same as what happened to Shyamalan. After that initial discovery that’s everything about the craft, subsequent movies are ignored in terms of craft and judged instead by how they use the techniques the viewer saw in the first movie. Personally, Moon is certainly memorable, but I was positively blown away by the cleverness of Source Code, particularly its ending, where we learn Jeffrey Wright was not actually right about how the time travel worked. He was convinced Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t do anything more than give him details of the bombing. But as it turns out, he could do that and save himself, too. He wasn’t just reliving memories with the ability to interact, but actually having his consciousness transferred. He had a choice Wright was incapable of admitting existed. I’m not putting that in spoiler tags because I honestly believe few viewers have realized that. It’s insanely clever and subversive. Even with all our skepticism of authority we still tend to give it the benefit of the doubt. I bet most people think Gyllenhaal is merely living out a delusion in his mind. It’s exactly like Inception. The ending requires that kind of analysis to understand it.

The trailer I saw for Mute seems to put a huge lie to the assertions that Theroux and Rudd are ultimately pointless to the plot. Have these viewers…actually seen the ending? The third act at all? You can abandon a movie or a book or a TV show because you don’t like how it’s developing. But to suggest that the reason you’re doing so is because the story is failing to pay attention to itself…

I don’t know when I’ll see it, but I suspect that Jones will have lived up to what I’ve seen in his work, even WarCraft, which I viewed as a kind of commentary on Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, their binary thinking, how they handle wizards who become corrupted. That’s what WarCraft always was, what any of these fantasy games have always been, fan commentaries, a chance to immerse yourself in a world someone somewhere else made more famous.


I actually think it’s more like what happened to Richard Kelly.

Mute is his The Box.
WarCraft was his Southland Tales.

And Source Code was Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut ie. : complete crap


Southland Tales, parts of it, are fantastic. Other parts, not so much.


Yeah, just like WarCraft.

And much like The Box, Mute attempts to be a very intimate story - and variably succeeds.
But seems like, as was the case in the former, some find it more odd or meandering.


But the parts of Southland Tales that aren’t awesome actively suck. That’s not my opinion of WarCraft. Also, never seen Donnie Darko. Always struck me as a cult thing that didn’t widely translate, where something like Blade Runner, I could get.


Maybe in the Cannes Cut.
I can’t think of one part of Southland Tales that was released that actively sucks.


Warcraft is debuting on HBO2 tonight. So, should I watch it, or clean out my freezer?


Put it on while you’re cleaning your freezer. It’s not unmissable, but it is a good filler for a night.


Half of Warcraft is absolute guff. The other half is okay. If you go in without expecting a tidy ending you might not be too revolted by the experience. Umm, are they going to play it in the proper aspect ratio?


Well, it’s HD, so I assume it will be the right aspect ratio.

I’m actually watching Kick-Ass on MTV2 right now, and it won’t end until 8:30; but Warcraft starts at 8:00. So I have to choose between the end of Kick-Ass, the start of Warcraft, and the frost build-up in the freezer.

Really tough decision here…


If only you could Multiplicity this.