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More of a reconfirmation, could be neat.


I wasn’t a big fan of the novel of On Chesil Beach, but I might watch for Ronan.



‘The Outsider’…

So that’s like ‘The Last Samurai’ with Yakuza, or ‘Black Rain’, or the old Robert Mitchum movie?

Leto might be a bit crazy, but I honestly rate him as an actor. I’m interested in the show.


So it’s March 12th for Annihilation on Netflix. Looking forward to this after seeing the good reviews.


Caught the Dark Horizons article. He sure went through a bad time! Glad the new $6 Million Dollar Frasier is back.

(Laminectomy! I have nightmares about those!)


A very good (and long) interview with Brendan Fraser:



Duncan Jones’ Mute (for Netflix) is getting a bit of a kicking.

A shame, as I was hoping for good things.

GQ’s headline might be the best though:


Paul Rudd’s in this?



Ya. I’ll probably still watch it.


Meh, I like Duncan Jones as a filmmaker and I like that cast. Plus, I have Netflix, so it’s not like I’m paying extra to see it. Add in the thrashing critics gave to Bright, which I thought was an entertaining movie and I’ve no real reason to not check this out just because critics aren’t into it.


Oddly, I was thinking I’d still watch it because at least it doesn’t look as bad as Bright.


Shut your dirty mouth.


Wait, you think it does look as bad as Bright?


I watched Mute. Not awful, but disappointing. The plot’s a mess, the characters are all awful, and it’s too long. There’s a few decent parts, but it’s far from essential.

I think coming out so soon after Blade Runner 2049 hurts it too, as there’s definitely a strong BR influence. The movie was supposed to come out last year (it filmed in 2016), and I wonder if part of the reason it was pushed back was to get some distance between them.


I really liked Bright. :slight_smile:



I didn’t realise it was out already.
Definitely feel like I’ve wasted my day now.