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Then you don’t make the movie. You make something else. There’s no rule that says novels have to made into films. The vast majority never go from page to screen.

“We had to do this or else it wouldn’t have happened.” Is an excuse, not a reason.

Go make something else with Portman. There are other novels. Or Garland (a novelist himself after all) could come up with an idea, as he did with ‘Ex Machina’.

‘Annihilation’ could remain unadapted.



Filmmakers have to make what they can make. Actors like working, too.

Again, Garland is working from a book that can stand alone - there is no need to read the sequels - and the race of the characters quite intentionally has no bearing on the story. But he didn’t cast all white, generic looking actors to play those roles.

I like Vandermeer and will be glad to see him get the attention. Is this going to stop you from seeing the movie?

Honestly, who even thought of this before this new report? I didn’t see anyone talking about it back when the trailer came out. All I heard was “wow, that looks amazing!”


Neither Garland or Portman is going to be unemployed any time soon, so take your violin somewhere else. :wink:

Not all of them anyway,

The media works in mysterious ways, try getting something in the press, it’s tricky to attract attention sometimes, and way too easy other times. It’s happening now because it’s happening now.

It’s going to be on Netflix over here, so I may well watch it one evening. The share of my subscription has already gone to the producers. Will I add to the viewing figures though?

Probably. I liked the book enough to see what was done with it. I have a professional interest as well as a personal one in the filmmaking process involved, and there’s more ways than a boycott to express support for a cause.

It’s still hypocritical though, so watch this space (or the ‘What are you watching’ thread anyway).


I never thought this would do well enough to justify a sequel.



Yeah… because they don’t turn down projects if it looks like they can get them made. Again, when it became “his” script, he very obviously took a colorblind casting to the approach because he was only adapting that one novel. And Vandermeer knew what he was writing and said nothing about it. By the time Portman is cast, it’s not like you want to ruin your reputation pulling out of a greenlit production.

This isn’t even like casting Katniss as a white blonde even though she’s “olive skinned” in the book, or casting a whole bunch of white people as Egyptians in the opening of X-MEN APOCALYPSE (or the entire cast of GODS OF EGYPT) or Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia. Instead, it is a movie where diversity is a big part of the film just in the trailers.

Ironically, even though he didn’t read the second novel, he casts Benedict Wong in a role that is actually not Asian in the book.

So, for me, it’s just an example of colorblind casting, not whitewashing - a movie that people interested in diversity should take heart in rather than tearing it down.


I can write a video game adaptation!

A-B-B-C-A-Jump Restart

A-B-B-A-B-Jump Restart

(continue) Y/N?


I suppose we should just feel blessed that there hasn’t really been a Heat 2.

I might watch Den of Thieves actually. I’m always excited to get a Cliff Martinez score.


Wasn’t Mac doing that last?
Damn, still Chris Columbus? Might be cool.

Although those games can be surprisingly nasty. I was shocked when I saw my nephew play it once.


Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Punk’s first sign of aging.



I just don’t think a Scholastic book should have a passage about how a stabbing feels.

What a weird franchise. They clearly know the main fanbase is kids…but the content is way out there.



Has anyone read the Freddy’s novels? Chris Columbus is an odd choice to direct, unless… somehow they are going to make it for kids?

I mean, I guess it would be like a return to the Goonies level of storytelling where it is a mix between scary and adventurous. However, I think the source material is a lot more like IT than GOOSEBUMPS THE MOVIE.


For all the Taika lovers out there.
Classic kiwi comedy


Yeah, my nephew has the novels.
Again - descriptions of impalement and a rather lengthy note of muscle tendons.

I mean, I could see this going for a hard PG-13 at least. Then again, 90% of those who like the franchise are very young kids, so it will be interesting to see what they do.


I would think the aim is probably more Gremlins, which he also wrote.



I Kill Giants
I Kill Giants
I Kill Giants
I Kill Giants
I Kill Giants

I’ll have to think a bit more about the next five…

Edit: I posted that before seeing Paul’s post :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Oh, oh! Battle Angel Alita! :slight_smile:


2018 does look like a rough year in film, particularly for superheroes, but off the top of my head I am looking forward to:

Black Panther
Island of Dogs
The Nun
Mission Impossible

That’s five.

Hmm, OK not too much. I will happily see Incredibles, Infinity War, Solo, Jurassic Park, and Aquaman but I wouldn’t exactly say I’m “looking forward” to them…these franchises come at you too fast to really be excited about one that’s months away.

Cautiously optimistic about Predator, and there will be lots of small films along the way.