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I am too much of a fan of the original Mission Impossible series to like these movies. Imho they are nothing like the series


The first film in this series dropped in 1996. 22 years is a long time to hold a hateful grudge for a show that ended 45 years ago. Give up your hate, Al, and bask in Tom Cruise’s glory. :wink:





It’s time to forgive Proty, DavidM


This pretty much describes your entire personality doesn’t it, David? :wink:



Here’s how it will work. The OTT platform, whose price point wasn’t mentioned, will start with a domestic service only, and then expand overseas. There will be no R rated films, and the programming will be consistent with the Disney brand. The R-rated stuff will go on Hulu. The plan now is to leave the various Marvel series where they are, which means Netflix will hang onto its superhero inventory.

The goal in the first year is to generate four to five original movies, and five TV series for the streaming service. Latter will cost between $25 million and $35 million for ten episodes, but an exceptionally ambitious series could have a budget cap of $100 million for that ten episode season.

Here are some of the priority movie projects I heard about:

Don Quixote, from a Billy Ray script; Lady and the Tramp; The Paper Magician; Stargirl; and Togo.

In post-production and bound for the streaming service are the Mark Waters-directed Magic Camp, and the Mark Lawrence-directed Noelle with Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader and Shirley MacLaine .

Priority development projects include 3 Men and a Baby; Sword and the Stone; and Timmy Failure, the latter of which has Spotlight director Tom McCarthy in the creative mix.

On the TV side, the inaugural streaming site slate includes:

High School Musical; an animated Monsters Inc series, a Marvel live action title, and a Star Wars branded title.


Does this mean I will have to go to Hulu to watch Fox stuff?


An Action Man movie sounds bad, but a movie written by Simon Farnaby and directed by James Bobin sounds good.


Where the hell is my Stretch Armstrong movie?


The Cartoon is pretty alright for what it’s worth.


Holy crap, they literally came out with a cartoon last year… nothing is off limits for tv and movies.


Yeah. It’s pretty good. Very fun.




VENOM teaser is moderately whelming. Kinda fits the idea of “what if the guy from THE DROP got bit by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker?” which is an interesting take.


It’s kind of ironic that for a movie about how women who aren’t conventionally beautiful get ignored, they decided to go with someone other than the lead actress in the film.



Hardy sounds like he’s doing Terrence Howard (a seriously undervalued cool dude, who still is even after Empire reminded everyone). And so far as this trailer goes, they’re going more for horror (ie IT) than superheroes. I’m sold regardless, as I’m a huge Hardy fan.