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Is that retweeted from Millar? :wink:


So are they going do the vin diesel vs the Rock thing when cruise fights Cavill where the hero(?) is half the size of his opponent?


What? You didn’t see Bruce Lee versus Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Game of Death?


One of THE best fights as well as choreography not to mention the two fights prior to meeting Kareem.


I can’t help but notice that the trailer for MI fallout has cruise literally falling at least five times, with a couple more heavily implied. Maybe it should be called Mission Impossible: Falling? Is this his way of trying to shake his stigma for running and motorcycling all the time?


It displays greater range. He can now run and fall.



Yeah I thought that was a bit weird. Especially when the trailer showed it happening so close together.



Tennant seem to be going hard in on playing villains.


From the Director of Geostorm!



To be fair, in the trailer we see he wears a prosthesis.
So, he’s part machine. That’s the advantage.


Lol I just reposted this in the image thread thinking I must have seen it somewhere else :joy:




As cool as that looks, It does seem needlessly risky. Couldn’t you still have a professional pilot In the other seat just in case. And then just take him out with computer magic later on?.


I’m assuming he did this as a publicity stunt as much as a movie stunt. Like hanging off the plane in the previous film, the skyscraper in the one before that and a cliff the film before that.

As someone who is no fan of heights I find that stuff make my stomach flip, but I know they don’t take silly risks with their star. That’s why he survives stunts like those without a scratch but breaks his ankle on something more routine like jumping from one roof to another, while wearing a safety harness.

Cruise and everyone else involved in this film knows how to sell a movie and sell it well.


I don’t think Tom Cruise - as an individual - would be doing movies at this point if he were not doing what he loves. He likes stunts. He likes flying! Stunt folks know the price of their profession is bones and hospital stays. Does not seem to slow them down.

Good place to share a photo of a stunt person. Jessie Graff seems to have found the method of defeating gravity.


That MI:6 trailer though. I liked most of the mission impossible movies I’ve seen but this is the first time I’m ever hyped for one.